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Our Favs from the New Disney x ergoPouch Collection

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By Mama Disrupt® and ergoPouch

Let’s be honest, we’re just as excited about the new Disney x ergoPouch Collection as our kids [maybe even more!]

And because this cool new range is set to sell out quickly, ergoPouch has opened pre-sales so you can stock up on the good stuff before it goes.

This collab with Disney has been making mamas wild and it features three gorge designs from Toy Story, The Lion King and Disney Princesses.

So your mini will love getting dressed for bed with their best pals on their sleepwear, all custom-designed and hand-drawn by the legends at ergoPouch’s Melbourne HQ.

This new collection features across the popular ergoPouch range of Sleeping Bags, Sleep Suits and Sleep Onesies that we know and LOVE.

And if you’re not sure how many layers your little one needs at this time of year, ergoPouch throws in a free room thermometer and What to Wear guide, so it’s easy! Yayyy!

Here are some of our favs from the Disney x ergoPouch Collection… they will make gorge Christmas presents, just saying!

Disney x ergoPouch Collection mama disrupt
1.0 TOG Sheeting Bag in Toy Story and Disney Princess prints

The ergoPouch Sheeting Bag is perfect for infants on the go, who are rolling and sitting, as well as toddlers and preschoolers.

It’s made from the softest 400 thread count organic cotton, so it’s super comfy for your babe to sleep in.

Plus it has a wide fit for the kiddos who wriggle and roll in their sleep and need some room. And the bell-shaped design is hip-friendly for growing hip joints.

The two-way zipper also gives easy access for quick overnight nappy changes. Genius.

1.0 TOG Sleep Suit Bag in Lion King, Toy Story and Disney Princess print

If you have a toddler who is walking, or your kiddo is transitioning to a big bed, the Sleep Suit Bag is the best style for your babe.

The award-winning Sleep Suit Bag converts from a Sleeping Bag to a Sleep Suit with legs using the 4-way zippers. AMAZING!

In Sleep Suit mode [with legs], this is perfect for little wrigglers and movers who like more leg freedom in sleep, and toddlers/pre-schoolers transitioning from cot to bed.

You can also use it with a 5-point harness, such as in a pram for day sleeps on walks, or a car seat. Plus it doesn’t restrict your child’s legs during sleep, and it reduces the risk of cot climbing injury.

There are also grip pads on the feet and a four-way zipper, making overnight toilet training much easier.

It’s such a versatile style.

0.2 TOG Sleep Onesie in Disney Princess and Toy Story prints

This gorge Sleep Onesie is an online exclusive.

It is perfect for toddlers or preschoolers transitioning into a big bed, sleep walkers, kids who kick off their blankets, or little starfish who don’t like the restriction of a sleeping bag.

The 3-way zip is awesome for overnight nappy changes or toilet trips, and it has cuffs on the feet to keep little toes warm.

As it has two legs instead of a bag, you can use it in a 5 point harness such as a pram or car seat.

Your babe will be comfy wherever they go!

Shop the whole Disney x ergoPouch Collection now.