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How to Balance Working from Home and Motherhood

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By Mama Disrupt®

Two years into this sh*tstorm and so many mums are still working from home while taking care of the kids full-time.

To say it’s a struggle is a massive understatement.

So if you have your kids at home with you, you’re no doubt trying to balance their schedule plus a full-time job, which can totes feel unmanageable.

We hear you.

Here are four tips to help you try and find some balance in these cray times. Remember, you got this, babe!

1 // Keep things flexi

If you can, consider getting creative with your work schedule to base your hours around your kids’ schedules. Giving yourself the flexibility to work differently during this time is crucial to maintaining work-life balance.

2 // Set up a kid-free zone

There will be times when you need to hunker down and complete work items free from distractions, which is why it is important to establish an area of the house where you can separate yourself from your family for some peace and quiet (or at least you can try).

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3 // Talk to your family

If you have a partner who is also working from home and sharing kid duties with you, it is crucial to communicate the times you can and cannot help out during the day. Setting these expectations will allow for a much smoother daily routine.

It is also important to communicate with your children if they are old enough. Set expectations for when there will be breaks in your day that you can check-in, whether it be a quick snack break, lunch, or even hourly check-ins.

4 // Don’t overdo it

During this time, it can be easy to feel like we need to push ourselves to work extra hours, but the reality is that taking the time to unplug and reset each day is critical to success as a parent and an employee. So whatever you do today, let it be enough.

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