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Low on time? How to get ready in 5 minutes

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We’ve compressed your once usual 30-minute routine, so you can get ready in 5 minutes. 

By Natalie Bascur

Trying to get ready for the day with a toddler hanging onto your ankle is much like trying to remember your times tables after a glass of wine. A lil’ bit tricky.

But never fear, we’ve compressed your once usual 30-minute routine into 5 minutes so you can skip out the door looking like you ‘just stepped out of a salon’. You’re welcome.

Double duty products are your best friend, and should be utilised.

Get ready to fake composed perfection, ladies.

get ready in 5 minutes, mama disrupt


Double duty products are your best friend, and should be utilised.

A neutral pinky brown lipstick can be applied to lips, but also patted onto cheeks for a cream blush stain. Put a few dots on cheeks and blend in circular motions.

Bronzer is another must have. Besides giving your face life with a contour brush to add a glow to where the sun would naturally hit your face. It also looks amazing patted on as an eyeshadow with a little finger.


Find your ‘uniform’. Go for your fail safe look and embrace your style, mama!

This is different for everyone – it may be boyfriend jeans, a white tee and Chuck Taylors. Or you might go for head to toe activewear.

Either way, throw it on and stand tall knowing that what really looks good on everyone is confidence.

get ready in 5 minutes mama disrupt


A sleek high pony suits any look – hey, it worked for the Robert Palmer video girls, and it will work for you too.

No matter what outfit you have chosen, nothing says ‘fresh’ and ‘put together’ like a slicked back pony. All you need is hairspray, a brush, hair tie, and a bobby pin.

The best way to make it look finished is to wrap an inch section of hair from underneath to cover the hair tie, then secure with a bobby pin. The key here is less schoolgirl, more off-duty model.


One of the most important steps (and often least thought about in a hurry) is smell.

Now, we all know that on some days there is little chance you are going to get to the shower, so deodorant and your trademark fragrance should be your next step.

Even if you do get the luxury of a shower, squirt that perfume mama once you are dressed!

If you look good and smell good, none will be the wiser as to your super minimal getting-ready skills.

Add a stick of gum to finish.

get ready in 5 minutes mama disrupt


Shoes. Never let anyone tell you that you have enough shoes, this is a lie.

However, the only shoes you are now putting on are slip-on shoes.

Whether that be ballet flats, heels, or cool kid sneakers with the laces tucked in and undone, don’t waste your time with anything strappy or that needs to be laced up.

So there you have it, five ways to get ready in five minutes. If you’re lucky you will even have time to get a COFFEE! #essential