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High-functioning anxiety: Are you thriving or just surviving?

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Feel like you’re constantly juggling a million things with a smile on your face, yet inside, you’re wrestling with a whirlwind of stress, self-doubt and fear? Welcome to the world of high-functioning anxiety.

By Harper Steele

Ever heard of high-functioning anxiety? It’s like wearing a superhero cape while battling invisible monsters.

People with high-functioning anxiety are often overachievers. They seem to have it all together; acing their careers and personal lives. But underneath that shiny exterior, they’re dealing with demons.

If you’re someone who has it, you set the bar sky-high and you always chase perfection. It’s like you’re running a never-ending marathon, fuelled by a fear of falling short.

And oh, the self-doubt. Despite all your wins, you’re constantly second-guessing yourself, worrying about messing up or being judged. Negative self-talk? Yeah, you’re a pro at that, too.

Then there are the physical symptoms, the body’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m not okay.” Headaches, muscle tension, disrupted sleep – you name it. But you’re a master at hiding it behind a facade of control and efficiency.


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Causes and Risk Factors

High-functioning anxiety isn’t picky; it can stem from all sorts of stuff – genetics, upbringing, life’s curveballs. And guess what? Women are more likely to get hit by this anxiety train, thanks to societal pressures and expectations. Add in a demanding job or family responsibilities, and you’ve got a perfect storm brewing.

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Impact on Daily Life

Now, here’s the kicker – while you’re busy conquering the world, you’re often neglecting yourself. Self-care? Who has time for that when there are mountains to climb and dragons to slay? Burnout becomes your middle name, and relationships? Well, let’s just say they take a hit too.

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Managing High-Functioning Anxiety

But fear not! There’s light at the end of the anxiety tunnel. Therapy, mindfulness, and finding that sweet spot between work and play can work wonders. Ever tried cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)? It’s like a mental massage. And don’t forget the power of meditation, deep breathing, and breaking a sweat. Setting realistic goals and sprinkling some self-compassion in there wouldn’t hurt either.

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Seeking Help

Listen up, folks – seeking help isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a superhero move. Recognising that you need support and reaching out to professionals can transform your life. So, don’t let fear hold you back from living your best, balanced life. You’ve got this!

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