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5 things every working mum needs to hear right now

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The struggle to find the perfect work life balance is real, mama! Kura Perkins, founder of Art Hide shares some tips to keep you on top of your game as a working mum.

By Kura Perkins

When you’re a working mum, finding the perfect work-life balance can feel like an almost impossible task.

You don’t want to compromise on your duties as a parent or as a working professional. And every so often you can’t help but wonder…

“Is there a better way to do this?”

“Am I doing the best I can?”

“How on earth is everyone else doing this?!”

The struggle is all too REAL.

“You are where you are because you believed in yourself and your capabilities. Never forget that. And continue to strive to achieve what you set out to do!”

But then how do those ‘super mums’ make it look so simple to balance work and motherhood? The answer is pretty straightforward: they know their strengths, their weaknesses and their needs, and then prioritise all the tasks accordingly.

So, understanding self is the key.

Even if you feel far far away from super-mama status, here are a few simple mantras to keep you on top of your game.

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1. Give yourself a breather

The minute most mamas sit down to relax, they immediately fret about all the things that should be getting. Now where’s the relaxation in that?

Instead of worrying about what comes next, first think about what all you have achieved.

How you managed to do that, how did you feel after accomplishing that; it could be summing up the home chores or finally finishing that work deadline.

But, take a moment and enjoy what you’ve achieved before worrying about what you need to accomplish next!

By following this practice regularly, you will find a constant source of motivation thinking about everything that you achieved through the regular ups and downs of life.

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2. Give yourself more credit

There are many times in life you feel compelled to compare yourself to other mums and businesswomen.

But curb the competition.

She has her own story and journey and you have yours. Think about your strengths, how you can hone them better and use them to your advantage.

As for the problem areas, find ways to work around it or tackle it. Asking for help is the best way to overcome it.

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3. Form a support network

Don’t get caught feeling guilty about not being fully present when you are needed.

Instead, form a support network among your family and friends, so they can step in when you are putting out fires elsewhere.

You don’t need to feel guilty; after all there is only so much you can do.

So, try and prioritise the areas where you are absolutely required and let someone else step in for the rest!

This way you will be able to accommodate all your personal responsibilities better, while meeting your professional requirements as well.

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4. Don’t stop believing

You are where you are because you believed in yourself and your capabilities. Never forget that. And continue to strive to achieve what you set out to do!

There will be days riddled with self-doubt and disappointment but don’t let it get to you.

Take a break and unwind when you need to, it could be an indulgent lunch or exercise classes, whatever your ammo, mama, use it!

Remember, do whatever you need to do for yourself to ensure that you work towards that bigger picture confidently.

PRO WORKING MUM TIP: Make yourself a vision board for such times and remind yourself of your initial goal. You can create a timeline to help you stay on track and support that with lists that prioritise certain avenues over the other.

Follow that up with monthly and weekly tasks lists to help you assess your progress and show you the way forward.

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5. Create a clear distinction

Always separate work from your personal life (which can be super hard as a working mum, but it’s so important).

This doesn’t mean you can’t let them overlap but rather means you need to be fully present and dedicated to the task at hand.

If you are helping your kids out with a school project, be fully present and get it done.

If it’s a work report, get someone to watch the kids while you work so you’re not distracted due to your mama role.

Being half present is the worst kind of habit you can catch.

Give your full attention to any and every task you take up and you will automatically see better results!