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How The Tripp Trapp® Chair Revolutionised Mealtime… #Gamechanger

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From your baby’s first foods to hearing about their first day at school… memories are made at the dinner table – something possible because of the Tripp Trapp® Chair.

By Mama Disrupt®

Yup, that’s right. Before the Tripp Trapp®, it was not a thing to bring your little one’s highchair right up to the table. Not until papa Peter Opsvik from Norway invented the most iconic chair everrr.


tripp trapp, mama disrupt

The Tripp Trapp ® Chair really is the OG

It was 1972, and Peter’s 2-year-old son Tor had outgrown his high chair. But when he was unable to find a chair that allowed Tor to sit comfortably at table height with the rest of the fam bam, he invented his own. GENIUS!

Who would have thought that this bright idea would revolutionise the way we look at children ́s seating – a chair that we are all still obsessed with 50 years later!?

Thanks to Peter, over 13 million kids have been given a comfy and ergonomic seat at the table. And a chance to connect with their mamas and papas over meals, activities, convos and fun times. Making the bond with our littles even stronger. As we all navigate the cray cray that is motherhood and childhood, together!

tripp trapp, mama disrupt

Disrupting the children’s seating category worldwide

When Tripp Trapp® was first introduced, no one had seen anything like it before. It seriously blew people’s minds. Because not only was it brilliant in its simplicity, but it could be comfortably used at every stage of childhood and beyond… yes, even into adulthood.

How? Well, let us explain. This amazeballs chair has an adjustable design, allowing freedom of movement with depth and height adjustable seat and footplates. So when adjusted correctly, your child has the correct seating position at ANY age. 

You can literally start using the Tripp Trapp® Chair when you bring your bundle of love home from the hospital, with the Newborn Set. And then from 6 months of age you use the Baby Set + Tray for highchair configuration. Once your kiddo is 3, you can use the Chair on its own. And it will stay with them through adolescence and adulthood.

It really is The Chair That Grows With The Child™.

So it’s no surprise Tripp Trapp® is one of Scandinavia’s most recognisable designs. Its innovative looks and function making it hit icon status, featuring in interior exhibitions in museums including MoMa in New York and V&A [the Victoria and Albert Museum] in London.

tripp trapp, mama disrupt

A chair for life

What we love is that with a variety of accessories, this chair provides comfort and ergonomics from birth. Both of which are super important for the development of your kiddo’s fine motor skills and when they start eating solids.

And because Tripp Trapp® is made in Europe from solid wood and comes in a range of cool colours, it looks stylish AF in your home (yay) and it is E-A-S-Y to clean (big yay).

tripp trapp, mama disrupt

It may be Tripp Trapp’s 50th birthday – but you’re the one getting the presents!

To celebrate this massive milestone, Stokke is about to release a limited edition anniversary collection. Made with stunning ash wood, each Tripp Trapp® chair will have its own number as well as a laser engraved anniversary logo.

These babies are one-of-a-kind and are truly limited edition, so once they sell out, they’re not making any more.

Keep your eyes peeled for this epic release.

tripp trapp, mama disrupt