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How to set up an inspiring workspace when working from home

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Working from home? Interior expert Justine Wilson from Vault Interiors shares her top tips for a productive workstation (so you can avoid procrastination).

By Justine Wilson

With the Winter sniffles ramping up, many of us are back to working from home. And if you’re guilty of working from your bed, or reclining on the couch with your laptop resting on their legs, you are not the only one.

Yes, you may be comfy AF, it’s not exactly the ideal working space, plus it makes it way too easy to get distracted by other things, like scrolling the ‘gram and online shopping… #procrastination.

So with more and more Aussies working from home, here are my top tips for creating a healthy and productive workstation at home. Here’s to a WFH space that will have you inspired.


1. Clear out the area first

A clear space is a clear mind, which is exactly what you want your at home office to be. If you don’t have a spare room to convert, make sure the space you choose is dedicated to working only. Doing this will help you to go from work mode into a home mode while helping to remove distractions and maintain concentration.

2. Quality over quantity

If you haven’t already, invest in functional furniture for storage; flat-pack furniture is great because you can customise the design for a more tailored, designer look. Use the furniture to hide cords and printers – it’ll maximise space and keep the office organised and de-cluttered. Plus, an ergonomic chair – it’s not just about looks!

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3. Lighting is key

Good task lighting is essential. Consider placing the desk under the window. The natural light and bright outlook will make sitting at a desk less arduous. If this isn’t possible add mirrors and desk lights.

4. Breathe some life in

Introduce plant life. It not only looks green and lush, but it can add fragrance and improve air quality in the home. Greenery has been widely reported to enhance mood, productivity and creativity.

5. Personalise it

Just as you would at your office desk space, add photos, personal trinkets and anything that inspires you. A large pinboard can be used for concept images, notes and as ever-changing artwork to suit your current style and theme of your space.

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