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In a Funk? Here’s How to Feel Like Yourself Again

By Fran Dargaville, Functional Nutritionist

Feeling a bit bleh? I get it. It’s been a LOOONG year and 2020 has thrown us more than its fair share of curveballs. This means many of our routines have been tossed in the bin, especially working from home. Anyone who has been working from home knows what I’m talking about… the days roll into one and before we know it our work and home life boundaries become blurred (buhbye work/life balance!) Plus, when we’re stuck indoors, it means many of us no longer have me-time, which can take its toll on our emotional wellbeing. Gah! So here are my top tips to help you get out of a funk and start to feel human again. Hallelujah!

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Daily Action Steps

Create a morning routine
Starting your day with a positive habit will set you up for an epic day. Often, we set ourselves up for failure with unrealistic morning routines. Start by waking up 10 minutes earlier and committing to a 10-minute morning routine daily. Once you’re nailing the 10 minutes constantly, you can increase to 15 or 20 minutes. If you love doing the same thing every morning, power to you. But I’ve found for myself and many of my clients, it’s much easier to commit to a morning routine if you have the freedom to choose what you do each morning. Create your own “Magic Morning List”, by writing down all of the things you can choose for your morning routine, eg. yoga, walking, running, meditating, reading, drawing, playing music, dancing. Pick at least one each morning, based on how you feel.
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Eat balanced, nourishing meals
Eating balanced meals with healthy protein, fats and veggies, helps to support healthy blood sugar levels to beat fatigue, irritability and anxious feelings. This will have you feeling calmer and more energised.
Put boundaries in place around technology
Life has slowed down, which means many of us are filling that extra time with scrolling on our phones. Putting your phone on flight mode in the evening and leaving it on overnight means you can spend your mornings and evenings on your own terms, with no distractions. Another great way to incorporate a mini digital detox into your week is by deleting your social media apps from your phone. You could try doing this on a Sunday, or perhaps even for the whole weekend!
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Move through the funk

Moving your body helps release endorphins which boost your mood. Move your body daily in ways you enjoy. You don’t have to hit the pavement or flog yourself in the gym. You can put on music and have a solo dance party, stretch on the living room floor or do a Youtube workout.

Long Term

Cast a vision and get excited!

While we don’t know exactly what the future holds, we can start to cast a vision about what’s possible in the future. What could you plan in the next 1-3 years that excites you? What have you always wanted to do? Start a business? Learn a new language? Travel solo? You don’t need to put pressure on yourself to make it happen now, just start to dream.

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