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Is the Easter Bunny real? How to handle that curly question

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So, your child just asked if the Easter Bunny isn’t real, huh? No worries! Here are a few tips and tricks for handling that curly question.

By Ava Wilde

It’s the question most of us fear. Is the Easter Bunny real?

Because as mums, we try to bring the magic for the holidays, and for some of us, that comes in the form of the Easter Bunny.

So with Easter fast-approaching, there are bound to be kiddos wondering whether it is in fact the Easter Bunny planting delicious chocolate around the house, or is it mum or dad?


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1. Read the room

First, try to figure out if they’re really ready for “the talk.” Think about their age, how mature they are, and if they’ve been having doubts about the ol’ Bunny already.

2. Timing is everything

Find a cozy spot to sit down and chat where you won’t be interrupted. It’s important to have their full attention for this heart-to-heart.

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3. Keep it real

Gently break the news that the Easter Bunny is more like a character from a story or movie. Rather than an actual bunny. Share some cool facts about the Easter Bunny’s history and how it became such a big part of the holiday.

4. Stay upbeat

Highlight all the fun stuff about Easter. Like hanging out with family, going on egg hunts, and munching on chocolate. Remind them that the magic of the holiday is still alive and well, even without the Easter Bunny.

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5. Let ’em feel

Give your child space to share how they’re feeling, whether it’s a little bummed or even relieved. Let them know it’s ok to have those emotions.

6. Imagination station

Explain that the Easter Bunny’s magic really comes from our imaginations and the joy it brings. Encourage your little one to keep using their imagination in other areas of life, too.

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7. Keep the party going

Reassure them that Easter will still be a blast, even if they don’t believe in the Bunny anymore. Get them involved in planning the festivities and making new memories.

8. The myth-busting continues

If they start asking about other legendary figures like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, just be honest with them, but keep their age and readiness in mind.

Remember, every kid is unique, so feel free to tweak these tips to fit your child’s personality and needs. And don’t forget to be ready for any follow-up questions they might have!

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