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The Secret To Self Love And Happiness

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By Jen Dugard

As mothers we are told that we should take care of ourselves, and ‘fill our cups‘ so that we can be the best mum we can be. Or so that we can continue looking after everyone else.

But I want to remind every mama out there, that not only are you a mother, you are a human.

And you have the right to look after yourself because you want to – for you, not for anyone or everyone else.

When your cup is full, you can show up as your best self for yourself.

So I want to offer you permission. Permission to remember who you really are.

Permission to look beyond your role as a mum and remember all of the things that used to light you up.

Permission to look inward and feel what it is that you really need, that will truly fill your cup.

Permission to remember that you are a strong, sensual, kick ass woman who has needs of her own, that go way beyond herbal tea and candles.

Remember: filling your cup can look like anything and it will look different from person to person.

For some, small and achievable acts of self-care layered day after day will be enough (think bubble baths and cups of tea). All of those little hits adding up.

Others may need to make more grand gestures. Like booking a weekend away. Doing that trail running event. Or having a night out with girlfriends.

Whatever it is for you, if it leaves you feeling full, it’s perfect.

Now that you have permission, what does filling your cup look like for you?

Just remember that YOU are worth it.

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