5 of the Best Meditation Apps for Zen Mamas

In Body + Soul, Features, Life, Motherhood, Nourish, Reviews by Nicole Fuge

In our cray world, meditation is fast becoming top of most mamas’ WELLNESS goals. But as something that takes a lifetime to master, how do you EVER get started?

Thankfully there are a stack of fab guided meditation apps out there which can whisk you away to zen heaven before you can say ohm… two… three.

1 // Buddhify


With 80 different guided meditation tracks, ranging from just five to 30 minutes, this meditation app is designed for those who are ready to incorporate meditation into their everyday lives. Exercises are grouped by theme and target every aspect of your life – sleep, travel, stress – so you can easily find the right track for you. This life-changing app also has a spot for you to ask questions from the experts, and allows you to track progress with stats and graphs.

2 // Calm

Free (with in-app purchases)

Starting out with a free seven-day program, Calm is a fabulous introduction to meditation. Once you are ready you can access the full program via a subscription, which includes a 21-day program for wellbeing, emergency calm and commuting. You can choose from a range of options, lengths and themes (the sleep one is amazing), even different scenes to focus on and sounds to meditate to.

3 // Headspace

Free (with in-app purchases)

Another app that starts with a free trial, Headspace has a very straightforward approach to meditation, particularly appealing to those who aren’t into the more spiritual side of the practice (and we absolutely love his voice!). The app offers 10 x 10-minute sessions for free, to start you on your meditation journey. You can set reminders and choose to focus on different aspects of meditation. Once you are ready to try other levels, you can access the full program via a subscription. A great feature is the buddy system it offers, where you and a friend can encourage each other along the way, and a personalised progress page to track how you are doing.

4 // Omvana

Free (with in-app purchases)

A beautiful meditation app, this sleek app offers thousands of guided meditation tracks, with around 75 that are free. Focusing on themes such as mindfulness, stress, sleep, relaxation, there are sessions for every level of practitioner. You can also choose the length of each session and even mix your music. Beginners are recommended to start with their eight-minute Day 1 session. You can then move to the popular 6 Phase Meditation, which guides you through a range of practices in a 20-minute session that includes gratitude, connection and forgiveness.

5 // Insight Timer

Free (with in-app purchases)

Rather than step you through a set program of meditations, Insight Timer offers access to 4,500 guided meditations from over 1,200 teachers – 750 are free and in-app purchases allow you access to the rest. As it’s up to you which you choose, the choice can feel a little overwhelming to a beginner, but once you find your way around it’s easy to see why it is one of the most popular meditation apps around. There is a vast range of topics – from stress to self-compassion – as well as access to podcasts and talks. A nice feature is the community hub, where you are told how many people are meditating at the same time as you. There is also a community forum where you can ask questions and talk to other users.