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Need a Break? Send Your Kiddos on a Virtual Vacay

In Features, Stories, Travel by Nicole Fuge

By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

Between closed borders, travel restrictions and lockdowns, families have had to put their usual holidays on hold… and kids errrywhere are driving their parents crazy! So if you’re in desperate need of a family getaway, but can’t get out, there are cool new ‘mini-escapes’ you can all check out. Or even better… send your kids packing and give yourself some me-time. You deserve some peace and quiet!

There are six videos in the mini-escapes series and they’re themed by colour – blue, red, magenta, green, black and white – which evoke a range of feelings and emotions (to help your kids calm the f*ck down) and showcasing the visual diversity found in Australia. We really do live in a beautiful place!

The vids are by Tourism Australia, and they explore Australia’s unique sights, sounds and textures with 8D audio. WTF is 8D audio? Well… when you’re wearing headphones, you can actually trick your brain into believing you’re hearing and experiencing the sounds firsthand. This is some srsly cool sh*t!

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// Blue

Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. From the deep blue ocean, and the contrasting blue skies and red desert, the calming nature of blue landscapes leave travellers feeling peaceful, tranquil, and secure.

  • Explore the turquoise waters in Western Australia’s Esperance
  • Dive into the blue world of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Go whale-watching in the deep blue seas of Queensland
  • Swim with dolphins and sea lions in South Australia, from Port Lincoln towards Streaky Bay
  • Chase waterfalls at Govetts Leap in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales
// Red

Red is one of the most stimulating colours, known to be associated with feelings of excitement and increased energy. From the fiery red earth of the Red Centre, to the vast outback, blistering sunsets, and ruby red merlots, to be surrounded by red allows travellers to experience the power of a destination, and the passion of the people.

  • Experience Australia’s ochre landscape in the Northern Territory’s Red Centre
  • Witness the warm tones of sunset as you soar over, or sail across King George River, The Kimberley
  • See the burnt outback in contrast with the deep blues of the Horizontal Falls, Western Australia:
  • Dine under the canopy of the desert night at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory
  • Wander through the red wine vines in the Barossa, South Australia

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// Magenta

As magenta is a rarely occurring colour in nature, finding environments soaked in the purple pink tones allow for a rare and intriguing experience. Australia is home to some of the most magnificent sunsets, that allow this hue to invoke a delicate balance of soothing mystery to ensure any getaway is unforgettable.

  • Drive past the rose-coloured Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia
  • Fly over the Great Ocean Road, Victoria for an otherworldly sunrise
  • Witness the shell-pink sunset reflected on Gibb River Road, Western Australia
  • Experience the magenta glow surrounding Hinchinbrook Island National Park, Queensland
  • Enjoy a sunset camel ride to a flushing sunset backdrop in Broome, Western Australia
// Green

Getaways to green environments help relax and revitalise travellers. Research shows that the colour green allows people to feel refreshed, healthy and tranquil. Travellers can immerse themselves in a green getaway in the depth of Australia’s rainforests or as they explore remote island paradises.

  • Witness the otherworldly spectrum of green in the Daintree Rainforest, Queensland
  • Explore the lush wetlands of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory
  • Spot one of Australia’s cutest animals in the deep green brush of Rottnest Island, Western Australia
  • Walk through the vibrant green housing the wondrous Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, New South Wales
  • Tiptoe through Floriade at Canberra’s community-led floral festival
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// Black

Black absorbs all light in the colour spectrum and is associated with the water element in Feng Shui which evokes power, mystery and calm. Visitors can immerse themselves in Australia’s expansive night skies, and hidden museum rooms to fuel their creative inspiration.

  • Delve into the elegance and mystery of the art scene in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Watch the march of the penguins along pebbles on Phillip Island, Victoria
  • Experience the serenity of the dark waters of Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
  • Stargaze in the night skies of the Little Sandy Desert, Western Australia
  • Sit back with a long-black as you watch the Rosny flow in Tasmania
// White

Experiencing a white environment allows travellers to embark on a blank slate, symbolising a new beginning or fresh start. Visitors can experience a fresh start across Australia from Snowy Mountains in winter, to the salt plains of Lake Eyre.

  • Fly over the blinding white salt plains of Lake Eyre, South Australia
  • Take a leisurely float in the undisturbed waters of Fraser Island, Queensland
  • Immerse yourself in the winter wonderland of Mount Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales
  • Take in Sydney’s vast vistas in New South Wales
  • Squish your toes in the white sand of Whitehaven Beach

Watch the videos at and Tourism Australia’s YouTube channel. To find out more information about travel restrictions in each state and territory, visit