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[Guest Editor] Gina Urlich: Why are mothers so busy?

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Why are mothers so busy? The mental load of motherhood. And it’s finally becoming more recognised within society. Hallelujah!

By Gina Urlich

It’s a valid question – why are mothers so busy? Well, let me tell you. It’s the mental load of motherhood, and it is HEAVY.

Somewhere between getting married and wriggling tiny humans out of my womb I was appointed CEO of our household.

I don’t remember applying for this role but I’ve taken it onboard like everyone’s life depends on it.

A mother’s mind is always busy, between deciding what to cook for dinner, cooking, snacks, cleaning, folding, wiping, chasing, cuddling, washing, drying, making, taking, baking, working, constant multitasking – broken up into small, useless chunks of time that never allow for the completion of any large, meaningful task…. there’s a mother under there wishing for someone to take a responsibility off her sore shoulders.

It’s not just physical work it’s the invisible mental load of always having to remember.

invisible mental load mama disrupt

Hubs definitely pitches in around here, he’s an active and equal partner in our relationship, but behind the bath and bedtime routines there’s a magical fairy busting her ass behind the scenes making all the duties possible.

Society is finally beginning to notice the issue of mental load, and the very gendered nature of it. Where mothers are in charge of household management, while our fathers execute instructions.

Nowadays women are more and more present in the workforce, but the workload at home doesn’t change.

The burden of this self-inflicted mental load is mine, admittedly everyone would be fine if I let it go. (maybe a whole lot messier and hungry but fine)

The weight of the household is heavy.

It’s permanent and exhausting work.

And it’s invisible.