FASHION: Looking for streetwear fashion?

In Fashion, Features, Style by Jessica Jane Sammut

When it comes to badass style, we at MD® HQ love nothing more than a cool thread or two for our ‘mini-me’s. Which is why we are little bit obsessed with MOOKS at the mo – a sassy Australian label that is about big kids and little kids of all ages having fun, expressing themselves, and feeling good. Hell yeah to that mama!

The brainchild of pro skaters Peter and Steven Hill, along with notorious graphic designer Richard Allan, taking the name from the classic 1973 Martin Scorsese Film Mean Streets (Mooks is old New York slang for a wise guy, hipster or hustler), Mooks has a clear design aesthetic which draws inspiration from street culture and fashion to music and art, to name a few. Yep, it’s wayyyy cool. Designed and developed right here in Australia, offering the freshest threads of the highest quality with an on-trend vibe, you can actually feel the passion that goes into making each and every piece.

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