LIFE: The journey of Mama Disrupt [Part 1]

In Body + Soul, Features, Life, Motherhood, Stories by Jessica Jane Sammut

When I was a girl, I dreamed of having my own magazine. I even used to type out my own little stories on my old-school typewriter with a view to piecing them together one day.

However, soon I was at uni, and suddenly I was a lawyer. My heart got buried by sensibility as the ‘practicalities of life’ ensured I pursued a stable professional career.

But I knew.

I knew from the very beginning that this was not my calling.

And finally, after years of feeling like a round peg in a square hole, I plucked up the courage to break away from the stifling world I refused to fit into.

And so started the journey; the journey to my very core.

And boy was it a journey – one that took me to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and globally to places I never would have imagined.

It was a journey that allowed me to manifest the very essence of who I was. It was a journey to my truth.

And ten years later, here I am, with my new baby Mama Disrupt® in newsagents not only nationally across Australia but globally in ten other major countries in the world, with our own app on iTunes.

And I couldn’t feel more fulfilled, more excited or more at peace than I do today. My wildest vision of my dreams is happening before my very eyes, and I feel on purpose and aligned with all that I truly am.

Don’t get me wrong, it has taken a massive amount of work and sacrifice to get here, but it has been worth every step.

And so I say. Listen to your heart. Nurture your instincts. Embrace those things that set your soul on fire. For they will show you where your path lies, and if you have a bucket load of badass determination and an unapologetic rebellious streak to match, they’ll be no stopping you getting there.

Don’t wait. Don’t question.

Just make it happen. And know that it will.

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