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Make mornings easier with 14 quick breakfast ideas for kids

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Looking for a morning win with your little ones? You’re in the right place. These breakfast ideas for kids are both nutritious and delicious. 

By Mama Disrupt®

If you’re grappling with the morning rush but still keen to serve up a wholesome brekkie, we’ve got you covered. Our list is brimming with ideas that are sure to please even the fussiest eaters.

And these recipes aren’t just child’s play; they’re crammed with essential nutrients to keep your youngsters buzzing till lunchtime.

So, pop the kettle on, have a browse, and let’s make those hectic mornings a bit more manageable.

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1. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Spread peanut butter on whole grain bread, add sliced bananas, and close up like a sandwich. Optionally, toast the bread for added crunch.

2. Yoghurt Parfait

Layer yogurt, granola, and fruit (like strawberries, blueberries, or mango) in a cup.

3. Quick Oatmeal

Use quick-cooking oats and prepare them with milk or water. Add fruits, nuts, honey, or maple syrup for flavour.

4. Smoothie

Blend together frozen fruits (e.g., berries, banana), yogurt or milk, a handful of spinach (they won’t taste it), and a spoonful of honey or peanut butter.

5. Breakfast Burrito

Scramble eggs with some cheese and veggies. Wrap it in a whole wheat tortilla. For added protein, throw in some black beans or leftover chicken.

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6. Muffins

Over the weekend, make a batch of healthy muffins (e.g., banana, blueberry, oatmeal). These can be grabbed quickly on a weekday morning.

7. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Make these ahead of time and keep in the fridge. They can be eaten with a sprinkle of salt or turned into an egg salad sandwich.

8. Avocado Toast

Mash an avocado, spread it on whole grain toast, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and optionally, a squeeze of lemon.

9. Cereal and Milk

Choose whole grain cereals that are low in sugar. Serve with milk and some fresh fruit on top.

10. Pancake or Waffle Sticks

Make pancakes or waffles during the weekend, freeze them, and warm them up in the toaster. Kids can eat them as sticks with a side of syrup or fruit compote.

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11. Mini Bagel with Cream Cheese and Fruit

Spread cream cheese on a toasted mini bagel and top with sliced strawberries or other fruits.

12. Cheese and Whole Grain Crackers

This can be paired with some fruit for a balance of protein, carbs, and vitamins.

13. Rice Cakes with Toppings

Rice cakes can be topped with almond butter, sliced bananas, and a drizzle of honey, or with cream cheese and sliced cucumbers.

14. Homemade Breakfast Bars

On weekends, prepare breakfast bars filled with oats, nuts, dried fruits, and honey. Store in an airtight container for a quick grab-and-go breakfast.

Remember, the key is a mix of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to ensure the child stays full and energized throughout the morning. Adjust portions and ingredients based on any specific dietary needs or allergies.

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