Family fun on the Springfree trampoline

Mama Loves: 6 reasons trampolines are great for kids’ health

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Happy healthy kids tend to equal happy healthy mamas. Well, as long as we can still squeeze in wine time, yoga time, partner time (or whatever else tickles your fancy), right? This is why we can’t stop raving about the Springfree trampoline. In fact, if it was a person it would probably be one of our best friends. Let us explain.

Not only will the Springfree trampoline help keep your little ones bouncing their way to happiness and health, but it also allows you the peace of mind to get two minutes to yourself knowing they are safely occupied. Now you understand the best friend thing, don’t you?

Here are six reasons why trampolines are great for kids’ health (and mamas’ too!).

1. Activity equals relaxed kids

Ensuring your kids stay active and fit is good for so many reasons – the most important, according to the Healthy Kids government website, is that it helps promote healthy growth and development, relieves stress levels and promotes relaxation and improves sleep.

2. Mama can chillax (which means your kids will get the best of you)

EVERYONE sings the praises of me time because, to put it simply, we’re all better versions of ourselves when we routinely fit it in to our schedules. To feel like an empowered mama (hello, super woman), you want to make sure you are fitting in at least half-an-hour to and an hour each and EVERY day. When the kids are busy bouncing on the trampoline to their little hearts content, it allows you some guilt-free time to do whatever you like (a coffee in peace, chats with another mama, time to sort through your emails – the world is your oyster). While it might not give you a complete hour of me time, it will be enough to do a little something for yourself or get to a task that you keep putting off.

3. Good for the heart health of little ones
You’ll be very pleased to hear that increasing our heart rate with just 10 minutes of bouncing a day will strengthen the muscles that are needed for a healthy cardiovascular system. If a happy heart isn’t a good enough reason to bounce, we don’t know what is! Sounds good, doesn’t it? Next time, why not get in on the jumping action with the kids, too?!

4. It’s safe (which means peace of mind for mama)

Safety is key! Having recently also been endorsed by CHOICE®, you should also know that with a spring-free design, hidden frame, pads for cushioning and comfort and the FlexiNet enclosure, you can rest assured that your little one is safe when they’re busy bouncing up their activity levels on the Springfree trampoline.

5. Jumping on a trampoline offers kids a co-ordination boost

If you worry about the co-ordination and balance of your littles ones, step right this way. The combination of jumping high, maintaining balance and concentrating on executing the moves, can help to improve motor skills and co-ordination.

6. It can inspire creativity (and family bonding)

Think trampolines are just for jumping? Think again. It’s time to put your kids to task to use their imaginations! A backyard campout session anyone? Just add sleeping bags and cover the top of the trampoline net with a doona to create a roof. Non-toasted marshmallows optional. Or, what about a family movie experience? The trampoline can become an outdoor cinema – just add oodles of cushions and a sheet projector and voila.

Join the Springfree fam today!

**Although Springfree are one of our beloved partners, we can wholeheartedly vouch for the fact that we ADORE their tramps – our review is independently written full of love and bouncy happiness, with our beautiful Jess having shelled out her hard-earned $$ for her wonder tramp off her own impeccably tanned back. You can read her review here.