Mama loves: The most amazing nursing leggings

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Hey, new mamas, we have a little secret we want to let you in on. Say hello to BLANQI’s Postpartum + Nursing range. They’ve created the first-ever nursing leggings made for bodies that motherhood made. We are a little bit obsessed. These leggings will be your after-baby saviour.

The super-supportive BLANQI Everyday Highwast Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings, $89, feature a high-waist design that rises to just below your bra line. They smooth, secure and conceal a postpartum belly, perfect for discreet nursing.

What we love about BLANQI’s design is the gentle compression of the tights helps you re-engage your core but without the constriction of conventional shapewear. Um, thank goodness, who actually likes wearing shapewear?!

With a perfectly balanced, luxe-athletic breathable fabric, delivering equal parts chic and comfort, you’ll love to live in these leggings.

Mother nursing baby wearing Blanqi leggings and top

5 reasons we’re a little head of heels for BLANQI’s Everyday Highwast Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings

1 // It’s support-wear not shapewear

Let’s face it, being a new mother is hard enough, so why would you want to feel uncomfortable in tight compression garments that bind and constrict?

BLANQI have designed their leggings with an extra-high waist that stays in place and 360 degrees of gentle mid-section support to smooth and secure a postpartum belly without restriction. This makes us want to do a happy dance!

The perfectly balanced compression has been designed to gently reawaken your core muscles and encourage good posture to energise without taking your breath away.

2 // They’re perfect as workout wear, too

The leggings are made from a microfibre that’s breathable with a moisture-wick finish so you can stay cool and dry, no matter what life throws at you that causes you to sweat.

From low-impact stretching to high-impact running, the leggings provide incredibly comfortable support along the way and are designed to perform just like you and your body.

3 // Say hello to seam-free amazingness!

Say goodbye to annoying scratchy seams on your tender postpartum belly or irritation on C-section scars!! BLANQI tights are completely seam free!!!!

Cleverly constructed using 3D knitting technology to create a tube, it means when you wear these tights, they can stretch 360° around your legs, as opposed to traditional cut and sew leggings where the stretch is only 2-dimensional.

All this combined with graduated compression that targets your waist, lower belly, hips, bum and thighs, means your post-baby lumps and bumps are smoothed for a streamlined silhouette and a welcome confidence boost.

BLANQI Nursing HighWaist Support Leggings4 // They’ll provide support and comfort while nursing

From breastfeeding in public to moving around a lot, no matter what you’re doing you want to be comfortable and supported in tights when you’re a new mama. Especially when you’re nursing.

BLANQI’s postpartum leggings have a stay-put, extra high-waist that finishes just under the bra line. With ultimate flexibility, in these wonder tights you’ll be just as comfortable sitting as you will standing. And you can say goodbye to bulges from uncomfortable waistbands that dig into your sides (yes, we’re looking at you, muffin top).

5 // They’re like a hug from a good friend

Figuring out what to wear just after having a baby can be difficult; your body has changed, nothing fits the same, and if you’re nursing, you don’t want to wear clothes that will leave you feeling uncomfortable or exposed. These tights are the ultimate pair of classic black leggings that every new mama needs.

When you’re a new mama, things can feel overwhelming and that feeling of extra comfort and support – like a hug from good friend or throwing on your fav old jumper – is sometimes all that you need. Popping on BLANQI’s Everyday Highwast Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings will feel just like that.

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