BABY: Ease Colic with MUNCHKIN’S New Latch Range

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With many a colicky baby through MD® HQ, we always get super excited when a new product hits the market that eases bambino’s feeding and sleeping. And hallelujah, the new Latch bottle from Munchkin promises to do just that.

The Latch bottle works differently to the standard teats that have been on the market to date. Consisting of an ultra-flexible nipple and a one-way anti-colic valve, the Latch nipple moves and functions like the breast, providing an easy and correct latch every time. In fact, the Latch nipple mimics the breast, stretching like a breast so it can reach all the way back to a baby’s soft palate, enabling a proper latch.

So, what does this all mean? 

It means that when feeding, the Latch nipple flexes as bubba moves his/her head, allowing bub to maintain the correct latch while reducing air ingestion. The nipple even releases milk as baby pushes against the nipple’s base, just like a breast does, while the one-way anti-colic valve allows milk to flow ensuring air bubbles do not travel through, reducing gassiness and fussiness.

So, no matter your feeding journey – breast, bottle, or a bit of both – bubs can transition from breast to bottle and back again. Legend.

And the best bit? 

Research shows that healthy digestion is one of the top predictors of better infant sleep. Yesssssss, because we all know that a baby that does not sleep is killer!!

Latch bottles are BPA free, and the Latch nipples are available for 0m+ to 6m+.

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