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Our fav finds from the latest H&M kid’s collection

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Looking to pimp out your kid’s wardrobe? Check out these new arrivals from H&M.

By Mama Disrupt®

Once the kids go to bed there are usually three options. Go to bed early and catch up on some much-needed sleep. Clean up the kitchen. Curl up on the couch with a half-eaten block of chocolate and your phone.

Guess which one wins pretty much every time. Number three.

And during the latest online shopping binge that we lost ourselves deep in the latest kid’s collection from H&M. Here are our fav finds.

Plus… don’t miss our top wardrobe rotation tips further down.

H&M, mama disrupt

1. 2-piece knit set, $59.99

Seriously, how gorge is this beige set? Does it come in adult size?

2. Cotton sweater, $14.99

Be bold, be bright in this sweet sweater, perfect for the Winter-Spring season changeover.

H&M, mama disrupt

3. Design detail cap, $14.99

OMG. This hat is too cool. Love it.

H&M, mama disrupt

4. 2-piece set, $34.99

From park hangs to kindy and everywhere in between. This set is a must-have.

5. Straight fit jeans, $27.99

Totally obsessed with these adorbs jeans, made especially for your little flower girl.

3 top tips for rotating your kiddo’s wardrobe

Taking on the task of sorting, rotating and restocking your mini bae’s closet often feels like a monster task, but it doesn’t have to be. Pop on your fav tunes and tackle this thing!

1. Be methodical

Start by surveying their current collection. Gently fold and put away the out-of-season pieces in airtight containers.

2. Out with the old

This is a fantastic opportunity to declutter and donate. If it doesn’t fit, is barely worn, or your kiddo just isn’t feeling it anymore, let it go.

3. Get them involved

As every mother knows all too well, kids love to express themselves through their clothes. So, when you’re updating their looks, invite your little one to be a part of the shopping process. Their input will make them excited about their new clothes, and you’ll foster a sense of individuality and decision-making in them.

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