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Our fav mental health apps to help you tackle ADHD

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We know that managing ADHD can be a challenge, so we’ve put together a list of awesome mental health apps to give you a helping hand.

By Mama Disrupt®

Looking for a ‘lil bit of help when it comes to managing your ADHD? These gems provide support, organisation, and self-care to make your daily life a bit easier. Yasss.

So, let’s dive in and explore these ADHD-friendly apps that can help you achieve mindfulness, focus, and wellness.

1. Headspace: Your Pocket Meditation Buddy

Ready to find your zen? Headspace is a fab meditation app that guides you through sessions and mindfulness exercises to reduce stress, sharpen focus, and improve sleep. With a range of topics like stress management and self-esteem, Headspace is perfect for helping you become more mindful and self-aware. Namaste!

2. Talkspace: Therapy at Your Fingertips

If you’re looking for a more personal touch, Talkspace is the app for you. This online therapy platform connects you with licensed therapists for some quality mental health support. With messaging and live video options, Talkspace is super accessible and convenient. Plus, they’ve got plenty of ADHD specialists to find your perfect match!

3. BetterHelp: Counseling Made Easy

BetterHelp is another great online counseling platform that links you up with licensed pros for individual, couple’s, or group sessions. This app is fantastic for learning coping strategies, improving focus, and managing ADHD symptoms. With a variety of therapist specialties, you’ll find someone who truly gets you.

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4. Calm: Find Your Peace and Improve Focus

Looking for relaxation and focus? Calm is the app for you! With guided exercises, breathing techniques, and sleep stories, Calm helps you unwind and stay focused. Tailored for ADHD, this app is perfect for easing anxiety, stress, and helping you sleep like a baby.

5. Todoist: Your Personal Taskmaster

Keeping track of daily tasks can be a pain, but Todoist is here to help! This comprehensive task management app is perfect for ADHD folks, helping you stay organised and on top of responsibilities. Create tasks, set deadlines, and prioritise like a pro – Todoist has your back!

6. Evernote: Note-Taking and Organisation Extraordinaire

Evernote is a super versatile note-taking app that makes organizing and storing info a breeze for those with ADHD. With voice recording, text recognition, and document scanning, Evernote lets you capture and access info in all sorts of ways. Say goodbye to memory and organization struggles!

7. Trello: Plan and Organise Like a Boss

Trello is a game-changing project management tool that uses boards, lists, and cards to help you visualize and organise tasks, deadlines, and goals. Clear and customisable, Trello is a lifesaver for tackling ADHD-related organisation and planning challenges.

So, there you have it – our top mental health apps for making ADHD more manageable. With meditation, therapy, and organisation apps, you’ve got a digital support system to help you achieve mindfulness, focus, and wellness. Try them out and find the perfect fit for you!