How New Fathers Can Support Their Partners After Childbirth

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By Mia Johnson

Having children is a big step. The hardest part is you often can’t share the process with your partner – the physical burdens of pregnancy only mamas can feel . Still, that doesn’t mean your partner can’t be there for you in other ways.

Here’s how partner can help you feel loved and cared for.

1. Show appreciation

Words have the power to lift our spirits and make us more confident and self-assured. In this sensitive period, we are often more self-critical and doubtful of what we’re doing. No matter how ready we think we are for a baby, real life tends to prove us wrong. Plus, she might worry about not looking her best as she used to and not being able to keep up with her routines as she did before.
Your job is to support her and keep telling her how beautiful and amazing she is. Tell her what a good job she’s doing and what a caring mother she is. It’s bound to mean a lot on day to day basis. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to tell her you love her.

2. Be involved with breastfeeding

If your partner is breastfeeding, it’s best to be involved but not too involved. This is an intimate moment for mom and baby, and you shouldn’t intrude much. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Make sure the mom is comfortable and ask her if she needs anything when she sits down. You can also help wash all of the equipment she might need, like the breast pump for example.
Once the baby has been fed, offer to take it off of her hands so she can rest a little. Carrying the baby all the time can be extremely tiring, and she might want a few minutes of alone time after she’s done feeding the baby.

3. Help at home (without being asked)

Making sure the mom eats is essential when you’ve got a newborn. Her body just went through something grave, so to aid the recovering process, you have to make sure she eats. What’s more, if she’s breastfeeding, she’ll need all the strength she can get. Make sure to cook healthy meals, full of vitamins and protein. Get up before her and make her breakfast, take it upon yourself to have lunch ready, and make sure dinner is on the table each night.
You should also fill the house with healthy snacks and fruits, so they’re always available when she needs them. She might not want a healthy diet right now, but it’s what her body needs. Of course, you don’t have to cut sugar out entirely. It would be a nice gesture for you to eat the same way so she doesn’t feel like she’s alone.

4. Boost confidence

It’s fairly common for a new mother to put herself low and deem herself unattractive. Her body just went through a big change, and it’s normal to feel unaccustomed to those changes. This just creates more stress and lets her become frustrated, tired, and sad. In turn, she can end up losing all of her confidence and letting herself go entirely.
That’s why you should take her out to get a haircut or a manicure. A shopping spree could do some good too. Body images issues are also a big problem in this period, which is why most turn to professionals like Central Coast Surgery. Even the slightest correction can help her confidence a lot. No major work is needed as this is just a means of pushing her into the right mindset and making her feel fresh, rejuvenated, and most importantly- confident.

5. Listen

When you’re not sure what to do and what your next step should be it’s best to listen to what your partner has to say. She’ll have a pretty good idea of what she needs at a given moment. Whether it’s for you to give her some time to herself, or to run some errands, or to be more physical attentive- she’ll tell you.
Most importantly, make sure she’s okay. Sometimes she’ll just need to vent. Don’t try to fix her or her problems, but listen, be there for her, and don’t dismiss her moods. Comfort is the best thing you can offer to your significant other right now.


Being attentive and listening to the needs of your partner is an essential part of caring for them. Having a kid is a big change for the both of you so it’s important to go through it together. What’s more, being an actively present father will also help you bond with your baby. They might not be able to show it, but they love all the attention and love they get from both parents.