Summer vibing at Chloe Brookman’s Byron bungalow

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Photos by Bridget Wood

Chloe Brookman, co-founder of children’s interior label Olli Ella, is mama to Tennyson, Arlo, and Nell. Chloe lives in a 1970s-bungalow perched on top of a hill overlooking Byron Bay with her husband, Charlie, their children and dog, Digby.

The gorge family-of-five was kind enough to open up their doors and let Mama Disrupt take a peek around their home.

Chloe and her husband renovated the house while juggling a business and caring for three little ones. And having co-founded the popular Olli Ella in 2009 in London with her sister, Olivia, you won’t be surprised to learn that Chloe’s home is every bit as whimsical, free-spirited and inspired by a nomadic sensibility as her gorgeous label is.

They have filled their place with comfortable, liveable pieces and created a boho sanctuary where she says coming home is a treat because the space is the perfect place to unwind, be with family, cook and just potter about.

What does home life with your little ones mean to you?

“Home life for me means being able to unfold together as a family, coming together, and having space to just unwind.

“We are very big on cooking, and so a typical scene at home would be all of us in the kitchen together. Our eldest loves to write, so he’s usually found at the kitchen bench writing, while our younger two busy themselves with various tasks in the kitchen. And Charlie and I cook.”

Tell me about your little ones’ rooms and what you’ve tried to create?

“Our boys’ room is so very them — full of books, and gadgets, always messy. It’s a fun room. I wanted them to be able to have a space that they can be messy – I think that’s really important.

“My favourite detail is that the beds are toe to toe – it’s so cute listening to them chattering away after dark, hopping in and out of each other’s beds and recounting the day.

“Our little girl’s room is still a work in progress as we wanted to see what she was into before we designed it properly. She loves dressing up, and playing make believe so I think we will be tackling a space that incorporates this for her in the near future.”

What does mama-hood mean to you? 

“Being surrounded by the best chaos that there is, loving and cherishing so fiercely that it can make you breathless. Mama-hood means humbling myself to the fact that I am completely clueless and just figuring it all out as I go.”

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