The Game Changing Device Helping Mums Sleep More Soundly

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

Every night, I put my baby girl down to sleep and I swear I check on her half a dozen times to make sure she’s still alive! Yes, the fear is real, and this mama seriously needs to get some sleep and chill out.

While I’ve used a baby monitor in the past, one that a friend gave me after she had her babies, it did very little to put my mind at ease because it was so damn hard to actually see anything on the screen (even when zooming right in), so night after night, I ended up hopping up out of bed and sneaking into her room to check myself. I was OVER IT!

The other day, I was visiting my bestie and her four-week-old bebe and I couldn’t help but notice how chill she was while her little one slept at the other end of the house. She didn’t even pick up the monitor once to spy on her boo. I mean, I know she’s a second-time mum, but I was so perplexed and had to ask what her secret was.

She’s using the Owlet Monitor Duo. And having used a different baby monitor with her first bambino, she says it’s been a massive game changer this time around. The Owlet Smart Sock wraps comfortably around your baby’s foot, which tracks their heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep. Woah. My mind was blown. But wait, it gets better. The Smart Sock then sends notifications to the parent unit by bluetooth and only notifies parents when readings fall outside of pre-set levels. Ahhh, now my BFF’s chilled nature makes total sense.

Plus, the Owlet Cam is a secure high definition camera, so parents can hear, talk to and see their baby from anywhere. When you bundle the two increds items together you have the most complete baby monitoring system – so parents have more peace of mind, which means they can sleep more and worry less. Now, that’s what I need… #tiredasamother!

7 cool features of the Owlet Monitor Duo

1 // Track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels

2 // Built-in sleep tracking measures how long and how well your boo slept

3 // The Base Station displays your baby’s wellness status at a glance

4 // You are immediately notified of potential issues with an alarm notification

5 // Have access to live readings of your babe’s heart rate and oxygen levels via the Owlet app, which you can access from anywhere (perfect for those baby-daddy date nights when you want to check on your sleeping babe at home with the grandparents)

6 // 4x digital zoom means you can actually see your baby and check on them properly

7 // The room temperature sensor takes out any guesswork, which is particularly helpful when you’re trying to figure out what the temp is and what to dress your baby in when they go to bed


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