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Feeling Tired As A Mother? Here Are 5 Ways to Max Your (Minimal) Sleep

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By Melissa Ambrosini

Feeling tired? Well we all know that once you have kids, sleep is pretty much a thing of the past (well, for a little while i.e. five years at least!).

So, how can you make the most of the zzzzzzs you do get?

melissa ambrosini mama disrupt

1 // GO DARK

Make the room as dark as possible with block-out curtains and by wearing an eye mask.

Even if you only have short bursts of sleep and are up in the middle of the night with little ones (this is sure to make you feel tired!), make sure that you have the best chance at quality sleep for those periods you can rest.


Eat early and be mindful of what you eat – being hot and full can be a terrible combination.

Avoid eating big heavy meals and alcohol, which may cause heartburn and make it hard to fall asleep. And steer clear of sugar, tea, coffee and chocolate after 2pm. Caffeine can become a tool for dealing with a busy lifestyle, but remember it can stay in your system for 5 to 6 hours so this may affect you, especially if you are sensitive to it.


What you wear and cover yourself in at night is so important. Make sure your sleepwear is lightweight and breathable.

I love the premium sleep collection at Cotton On Body which has been designed to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep, no matter the conditions. Made of bamboo viscose, the range allows the skin to breathe – it’s soft and stretchy, environmentally sustainable, breathable and feels great – so perfect for Summer months!


If you’ve been woken up and need to go back to sleep but can’t as your mind is racing, tricks that really work for me are reading and using a mantra such as “I am love”. I repeat this over and over in my mind. It is very calming.

What it will do is take your mind off whatever you are stressed or worried about and relax your central nervous system so you are more likely to doze off to a blissful sleep. Next time you are feeling tired but can’t sleep, try it, and see how you go.


Don’t scroll through your phone or other devices before you drift off or if you are woken in the middle of the night. This will only stimulate your brain at a time when it should be shutting down.

Instead, read a book. And drop a few drops of lavender essential oils on your sheets to create a calming environment.

Sleep tight, mamacita.

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