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The hack to homeschooling your kids in iso

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

Most mums are just about managing to keep their sh*t together with the kids at home, let alone also being teachers. I know we’re capable of A LOT, but come on!

While chatting to a girlfriend over Zoom the other morning (because that’s what we all do now, #isolife) she had her zen mama face on and there was silence in the background. At first I thought she must have locked her kids in the garden shed for some peace and quiet, but then she told me they were doing online school tutoring.

With the disruption to normal schooling across the country (f*ck coronavirus) and families doing their very best to navigate this whole homeschooling situ, online tutors are fast becoming more popular than the security guard at Woolies handing out rolls of TP.

Let’s be real, Cluey Learning are SANITY SAVERS, offering tutoring for kids as young as Year 2 right through to grown up babes in Year 12. English and Maths are totally their jam, but they can also help out with Chemistry in Years 9-12 and NAPLAN prep for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

So if you’re stressing about your boo falling behind with their schooling or you’re over playing teacher already, these guys are GODS, making the whole tutoring experience super easy for you, super friendly and fun for your kids, and giving you control over time schedules. They really are a game changer!

You don’t even need to be worried about finding a good tutor as these peeps have heaps who will be matched with the learning style of your child. Cluey only work with vetted leading teachers in their fields with top notch ATAR results giving you absolute peace of mind.

cluey learning mama disrupt

6 reasons why we love online tutoring

1 // It puts your child’s needs first

Cluey has been developed with the student in mind, which is ah-mazing because we know that not all kids thrive in the school environment… and the last thing any mama wants is for their bambino to be left behind and feel sh*t about it. Cluey’s in-house education team caters to individualised learning and maps out content based on the Australian National Curriculum, making adjustments according to each state, so your little one is learning EXACTLY what they need to know.

2 // Your bae can learn at their own pace

Cluey is designed to adapt to your child’s learning level and suit what their needs are – whether they just need to catch up, need to build confidence when starting at a new school or going into a new grade, or they want to kick ass and excel. We love that it’s a complete learning program that builds on their skills and knowledge step-by-step.

3 // You can opt for one-on-one or small group tutoring

If your bambino needs a little extra attention, you can make the most of a one-on-one tutor, or perhaps they thrive in a small group environment, in which case you can join one of their tutoring groups with up to four other kids.

cluey learning mama disrupt
4 // The tutors are handpicked to suit your child’s personality and needs

Once you’ve registered for the program, you have a chat with a member of the Cluey team to discuss your child’s personality, areas of focus and their goals. They will then use that info to match them with the perfect tutor. AND because Cluey only hires the brightest minds – teachers and uni students with top notch ATAR results – you know they’re in great hands… so mama can relax!

5 // It’s easy AF to use

The Cluey platform is solely online and works on most computers with a mic and webcam, so there’s no need to download any fancy software… #winning! If you’re a technophobe, they’ll take you through a Tech Check to make sure everything is working – and so parents are up to speed (unlike our tech babes who can pretty much operate anything they sit down to!)

6 // It’s simple to follow

The platform is fully interactive and shared in real time and at the end of each sesh, there is a quick review where the tutor and the student recap and share any feedback. These goals and feedback are then sent to the parent, so you’re kept in the loop. And because the sessions are recorded, you and your mini can jump into the portal and recap any session if you need a refresher.

Give it a try and you’ll see what we mean. Motherhood just got easier. YASSSSSS!

Psst… Cluey has hooked us up with a rad discount – 30% off your first two sessions. Whoop! CLICK HERE NOW!

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