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Top 10 tips for a family road trip and school holiday adventure

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Get out there and rule the road with your fierceness. Here is our ultimate guide to taking a family road trip these school holidays.

By Mama Disrupt®

Hey queen, the school bell’s tolling, and before you know it, those little rascals will be running wild and free (mainly in your living room). But hold up – what if we swapped those home dramas for some real drama on the open road? Say hello to the ultimate guide to road trippin’ with your little (and big) loves.


family road trip, mama disrupt
1. Let’s Get Planning, but Keep It Simples

Schedules? Meh. They’re like last season’s shoes. BUT, a rough plan? Oh, darling, that’s just smart. Jot down some juicy spots, but if something shiny catches your eye en route, detour like the royalty you are.

2. Packing? Less is more

There’s no runway on the motorway, so ditch the ‘just-in-case’ mountain and streamline your packing. There’s no shame in wearing the same outfit back-to-back babe.

family road trip, mama disrupt

3. Stretch It Out

You know that yoga pose you’ve been perfecting? Time to whip it out at every rest stop. Trust us; it’ll keep those road trip vibes zen.

4. Pump Up the Tunes

Mix some top charts with the kids’ favourites. Why? ‘Cause you’re that kind of mum – serving fierceness while keeping it PG. Belt it out, baby!

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5. Safety first

Check that car. Those tyres better be pumped and that engine purring. And, love, pack an emergency kit for those just in case moments. You’ll be glad you did.

6. Snap, Share, Repeat

Your road trip’s going to be fire, so make sure you document it. Give your kiddo a camera – you might just discover you’re raising the next David Bailey.

family road trip, mama disrupt

7. Games? Slay Them

“I Spy” with a twist, or “20 Questions” with some extra sass. This isn’t your nan’s road trip – let’s amp up the fun, shall we?

8. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a G&T

So it rained on your parade, or that roadside diner was a bust? Girl, every hiccup’s an opportunity. Laugh it off, twirl, and keep it moving.

family road trip, mama disrupt

9. Sleep Like the Queen You Are

Getting your beauty sleep has never been more important than when you’re road tripping with the fam. Everyone needs some space to chill and rest before climbing into the car for another day of adventures.

10. It’s the Vibes, Darling

It ain’t just about where you’re going, but how FABULOUS you feel getting there. Soak in the memories, the giggles, the oh-no-she-didn’t moments.

Time to buckle up and serve some serious road trip realness. Let’s make this school holiday the stuff of legends.

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