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What to pack in your hospital bag when you’re having a baby

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Want to know what to pack in your hospital bag? It’s a question most expectant mums ask. So here are the essential items you will need – as told by a midwife.

By Sarah Tooke

As you near the end of your pregnancy, wanting to know what to pack in your hospital bag is what most expectant mums want [read: need] to know. 

Because waiting for your sweet babe to be born is an exciting and overwhelming time, and there is just so much prep involved. So packing your bag is often something many new mamas like to tick off their list a few weeks before their due date.

And because it can be wayyy too easy to overpack [and overthink] here are the essentials you need to pop in your hospital bag.

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Heat Pack

These can really help ease some of the pain during labour!

Water Bottle

It’s important to keep hydrated while you’re in labour and when breastfeeding, so always keep it within reach.


Keep snacks on hand for both mum and birth partner, labour can take a while! Plus, having some snacks stashed away for those late night/early morning wakings with your newborn helps keep you awake.


You’ll definitely want some comfy, high waisted undies for post birth [especially if you’re having a c-section] – black is best.

Maternity pads

Make sure to bring a few packets, just in case.

Wet wipes

These can be used for both bub and mum post birth.

Breast pads

New mums have the choice between reusable and disposable breast pads.

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Make-up wipes

There is nothing better than feeling refreshed after you’ve had a baby, and because you might be stuck in bed for a while [especially the first day after having a caesarean], make-up wipes will have you feeling like a whole new person.

Phone charger

Seems obvious but this is one of the most forgotten items! Triple check you’ve packed it [and make sure it has a long cord to reach from your hospital bed].


While you’re in hospital the amount of information you receive can be overwhelming. And you might forget everything if you’re feeling a bit sleep deprived. A notepad is a great way to help keep track of anything you learn or any questions you might have for the midwives or doctors.

Cotton wraps

The stretchier and bigger the better! Babies respond really well to being swaddled during those first few weeks.

Baby nail file

Babies are born with incredibly long nails, and often scratch themselves by accident so remember a baby nail trimmer!

PLUS: Don’t forget to have an approved car seat or baby capsule. It’s not technically something for the baby bag, but definitely worth organising ahead of time. You can never go wrong with spending a decent amount of money on getting a baby car seat professionally fitted into your car to make sure bub be as safe as possible.

While there is lots of running around to do before a baby is born, having an organised hospital bag packed ahead of time can make life a lot easier when the big moment arrives!