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What’s on our reading list this month

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This is your cue to run a hot bath and lock the door. We’ve released our July reading list and it’s loaded with top picks for friendship advice, laugh-out-loud romcoms, and even empowering reads for menopausal women.

By Mama Disrupt®

Finding Your People: The Ultimate Guide to Friendship

by Alexandra Hourigan and Sally McMullen

Struggling with your social life? Worried about what your mates think of your new partner? Dealing with a toxic friend? This book is your brand new bestie. From the dynamic duo behind the hit podcast Two Broke Chicks, this relatable guide has got all your friendship dilemmas covered.

The Pickup

by Hannah Doyle

Love a good romcom? This one’s for you. Sophie Rogers, a single mum, jumps into a fake romance with Joe, another single parent. But things get tricky when Sophie starts looking forward to their “fake” dates a bit too much. With Joe’s irresistible charm and that dreamy Irish accent, Sophie might just be falling for her fake boyfriend. A must-read for fans of Tessa Bailey and Elena Armas.

reading list, mama disrupt

The Future is Greater: A Working Mother’s Guide to Finding Balance

by Maxine Nwaneri

Ever feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day? Always putting everyone else first? It’s time to flip the script. Maxine Nwaneri, a top-notch leadership adviser and executive coach, shares her secrets to balancing career and family life. With strategic tips, journaling prompts, and real-life techniques, this book is a game-changer for working mums wanting to thrive.

The M Word

by Dr Ginni Mansberg

Menopause – let’s talk about it! Dr Ginni Mansberg breaks down the taboos and dishes out the latest medical advice with her no-nonsense humour. This updated edition of The M Word covers everything from night sweats and hot flushes to anxiety and insomnia. Get ready to tackle menopause head-on and thrive in this new stage of life.

Quietly Confident

by Kate James

Feeling a bit lost? Kate James’ Quietly Confident is here to help you find your strengths and claim your worth. Written with warmth and compassion, this guide is perfect for anyone looking to boost their confidence and embrace their true self. Time to shine, lovely.

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