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Why September is the most popular month to be born in Australia

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Have you ever noticed the baby boom in September? We wind it back to find out why it is the most popular month to be born in Australia (you might be surprised!).

By Harper Steele

Grab your confetti, your bubbly (or mocktail) because we’re diving deep into a mind-blowing Aussie secret. You ready for this?

Three of our four most common birthdays are huddled up in the heart of September – the 17th, 23rd, and 24th. Yup, you heard right! Why is the universe throwing so many Aussie birthday bashes all in a row? Let’s take a look.

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Could Christmas Be the Culprit?

Okay, so get this: if we rewind nine months from September, we land smack bang in December. Wine, late-night carols, love in the air — we see you, mamas! Could all those festive vibes be translating into a September baby boom? Wink wink!

Or Maybe It’s the Sun, Hun?

Remember, December Down Under is all about that sun-kissed skin and beachy waves. So, could those sunny vibes and vitamin D be giving our fertility a little nudge? Who knows! Either way, we’re here for those summer lovin’ results.

Mama, We’re Not Alone

Globally, our sisters across the sea in the US also have a love affair with September birthdays (although their most popular dates differ). Maybe it’s the festive joy, or perhaps it’s just the universe sprinkling a little extra birthday magic.

So, to all our September queens, from bubbies to mamas, here’s a toast to the shared giggles, the group wishes, and the mama magic in the air.

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