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Your guide for beating the Australian heatwave and staying cool with kids

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Had enough of this Australian heatwave? Same, babe. Wave goodbye to sweaty tantrums and hello to cool fun. 

By Mama Disrupt®

We know it’s Summer here in Australia, but f*ck it’s HOT! And while it’s hard enough to keep ourselves cool, calm and collected; it can feel like an even tougher task to stop our babes from getting too hot.

Luckily, we’ve put together the ultimate survival kit to keep your precious little ones from melting into puddle-like tantrums.


Australian heatwave, mama disrupt
Dress for Sunshine Success

Breezy threads: Picture your little one in a cute, airy cotton outfit – yes, it’s as functional as it is adorable! Cotton is like nature’s air-con, keeping the kiddos cool and comfy.

Colour play: Think light and bright – pastels and whites are not just for Insta-appeal; they’re sun-reflecting superheroes.

Accessorise, accessorise! Sun hats are not just for Melbourne Cup. Pop one on your little explorer along with some cool (literally and figuratively) kiddie sunnies for that extra oomph of sun protection.

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Hydration Station

Sip, sip, hooray! Let’s turn water drinking into a game. Who can be the most hydrated superhero of the day?

Snack o’clock: Hand out slices of watermelon or cucumber sticks – they’re like secret water sources and tasty too.

Say no to sugary foes: Keep those sugary drinks at bay; they’re like kryptonite to staying hydrated.

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Chill Zone at Home

Fan club: Get those fans whirring or the A/C humming – it’s like creating your own cool little oasis.

Sunny side down: Keep those blinds and curtains closed when the sun’s playing peek-a-boo. It’s like having your own cave of coolness.

Splish-splash: Think of bath time as a mini pool party – a sure-fire way to bring down the day’s heat.

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Smart Play under the Sun

Time it right: Hit the playground when the sun’s taking a bit of a breather – early morning or late afternoon.

Shady business: Snag a spot under a tree or a canopy – it’s like your own outdoor living room, minus the TV.

Heat exhaustion watch: Keep an eye out for red cheeks and tiredness – they’re the sneaky signs of getting too hot.

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Water Fun 101

Backyard splash zone: Who needs a water park when you’ve got a kiddie pool and a sprinkler? Instant fun with a side of cool.

Poolside adventure: A trip to the pool or beach is always a hit. Just remember, water safety is as important as the fun factor.

There you have it, the ultimate guide to keeping your munchkins as cool as cucumbers during this Australian heatwave. Remember, a little planning can turn a potentially frazzled day into a breezy adventure. So slather on that sunscreen, fill up those water bottles, and let’s make this Summer a chill-tastic one for the whole family.

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