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Feeling foggy? Try these 3 steps to decluttering your mind

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Jo Burgess, mama and creator of Life Sorted App, shares her three-step process to help you declutter your mind so you can be more productive and feel less foggy up in there.

By Jo Burgess

A foggy and cluttered mind makes you unproductive, indecisive and stuck in your own way.

Getting rid of mental clutter is just as important as culling physical clutter, as it gives you the freedom to focus and make way for more important things.

I’ve compiled a simple three-step process to help you spring clean your mind.

“Having “too much on your mind” can make you feel overwhelmed and stop you from taking action towards achieving what you want.”

1. Declutter your mind by “being decisive”

When you know what you want, it becomes easier to achieve it.

Each day we’re faced with a plethora of problems that require us to make a decision. What should I wear? What food will my children eat? When should I launch my new business idea? What should I write in that email I’ve been putting off responding to? Should I invest in a new home?

You have a lot on your mind and sometimes it can feel impossible to make a decision. Every time you delay making a decision, your brain becomes overwhelmed by all of the clutter created by those looming decisions.

One way you can declutter your mind is by being decisive. So stop thinking and start “doing”! Evaluate the pros and cons and don’t look back once you make your decision.

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2. Declutter your mind by “prioritising”

Having clear goals and priorities each day/week/month/year is the best way to become decisive and take charge of your life. Firstly, you need to figure out what things matter the most to you in life. These are your long-term goals and life ambitions.

Next, prepare a list of your top priorities. These are the goals you want to achieve most urgently. Then create an action plan with smaller tasks and steps that will help you achieve your larger goals.

You can use an app such as the Life Sorted App to help you prioritise your goals and divide your time amongst them wisely. Your list of priorities will change over time as you complete tasks and your goals evolve.

The good thing about using Life Sorted to track your goals and action steps, is that you always have an up-to-date copy of your plan that you can access and update anywhere, anytime.

It’s way more effective than trying to keep it all in your brain!

foggy and mind, mama disrupt
3. Declutter your mind by “letting go”

It’s so important to give yourself permission to let go of all the negative emotions and thoughts that make you feel weighed down. A great way to offload is by sharing your thoughts with others.

Talking to a loved one about how you feel gives you another perspective, which can help you to think more clearly and make better decisions.

Journaling is another way to help you to let go by organising and analysing your thoughts.

Become aware of your thoughts, monitor them regularly and be prepared to let go of the thoughts that do not serve you. Try to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

foggy and mind, mama disrupt

Having “too much on your mind” can make you feel overwhelmed and stop you from taking action towards achieving what you want.

By committing to this simple three-step process to help you declutter your mind, you will start to eliminate unnecessary thoughts, fears and concerns, and free up the mental space you need to achieve your full potential.