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4 Cool Apps to Help You Get Organised Before Iso Ends

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

Most of us have been at home in iso for the better part of two months, and while we’ve been focused on surviving this sh*t showhomeschooling, working from home, picking up after our kids and endless Zoom calls – it left very little (read: no) time to do anything else.

Now, with lockdown restrictions slowly easing around the country and the kids back at school, there’s a small window of opportunity to get some things done on our iso to-do lists and get our lives back in order before they become cray again. To help you get motivated (and do some of the work for you, YASSS), here’s a list of handy apps to help you tackle some of your #mumlyf tasks.

1 // Momatu 

Hands up if you have thousands of photos on different devices that you’ve never got around to sorting through, let alone making photo albums or prints – ain’t nobody got time for that! Momatu is a free app that allows you to capture, store and sort life’s most precious moments into beautiful timelines that can be kept private or shared with your friends and fam. You can also print these timelines straight from the app and turn them into hard-copy photobooks that can be delivered straight to your door.

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2 // Habit List

Iso life has left me seriously lacking in the inspo department, so if you need a push to get sh*t done too, Habit List is like your very own pocket motivator. You can add achievements, goals or things you haven’t done, to the calendar or schedule recurring would-be habits. Then the app will remind you about the tasks you still need to complete and send you progress reports to see how you’re tracking. Every morning, the Habit List displays a list of that day’s tasks to help you stay focused and productive. Let’s do this!

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3 // Decluttr

Who else has cupboards overflowing with old DVDs, CDs, gadgets, books, and video games? While you may no longer have a use for them, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth something to somebody else. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Decluttr makes it easy AF to sell your tech stuff by uploading it on the app, setting the price, and selling it to anyone in the world. And if you can’t be bothered with separate listings, you can even make one holistic listing and Decluttr will offer to buy it off you. It’s an easy way to get rid of your unwanted sh*t and make some cash in the process.

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4 // Pocketbook

While it may be a while yet before we’re able to go on that family vacay, it doesn’t mean we can’t still dream about it and start saving for it. I’m not one for budgets, numbers just aren’t my thang, but with budget-planner app Pocketbook, you can stay on top of your personal finances and be one step closer to that dream getaway. The app automatically organises your spending into categories like clothes, groceries and fuel – showing you where money is being spent. You can also set up budgets for each category, see your balances and view your transactions to help you save and spend smarter.

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