4 Small Ways to Live Sustainably Every Day

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Despite being busy mamas, we all do our best to care for the wellbeing of the planet and live sustainably. But, as much as we dream of achieving a 100% sustainable existence, sometimes that is just waaaaay too hard.

But chin up chicka! All the little things DO count. And instead of focusing on the big picture, Sydney sustainability guru Seb Berry suggests that we shift our mindset to the small things we can do on a day-to-day basis to help preserve our planet as there are stacks of little things we can do to enhance sustainability… things we don’t often realise. As they say – from little things, big things grow.


By refusing milk and the disposable cup next time you get a coffee, you can save up to $1 every time you get your caffeine fix, not to mention the reduced footprint in the production of the cups, lids and dairy. If you can replace a cup a day with reusables for one year, you’ll save about 40,5 kg of CO2, 91L of water, and 2.6kg of solid waste. Plus, when we look at getting milk in your jar we can save around 0.25 kg of CO2, 255L of water each time.


Buy your food in bulk to reduce the wasted packaging and bring down the costs, plus you keep your pantry filled with healthier options.


Go meat-free one day a week to save around 3,750L of water, 30kg of CO2 and approximately 5m2 of land, and an average $5 on the cost of meat proteins.


Most of the things we use every day get thrown away, but by preparing and choosing unpackaged options we’re avoiding the enormous amount of waste that not only takes so many resources to be made, it simply clogs up our bins, our landfill and our oceans.

If you want to track your efforts, there is a clever app in development called the TODAY app that we love that will track your positive environmental choices and connect you to ethical businesses and their eco-alternative products. It also uses game mechanics to make the app more social, motivating and fun to use. Once released you can will be able to use the app to find out:

  • how much pollution you can save by not using coffee cups each week
  • how much clean air you create from walking to work
  • how much money you save buying responsibly
  • how much water you save with the clothes and shoes you buy
  • how much natural land you conserve by eating sustainably too.

Just remember mama, every little counts.


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