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4 Ways to Practise Self Love Every Day

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

If there’s one thing #isolife taught us, it’s to make more time for the simple things in life – more specifically, make more time for ME. As mums, we’re always go, go, go and we rarely (read: never) take the time to actually give much of a sh*t about ourselves. We’re always thinking of everyone else and making sure they have what they need to be happy.

In lockdown, one of our fav Australian small businesses, Everyday Lingerie Co, thought about this and wanted to make sure we were filling our own cups with a daily dose of self love. At the core of this cool brand is a desire to make people feel the love both inside and out – from their sustainably sourced bamboo underwear, to their cool self love products and gift packs. And now they’ve just added to their increds collection with a hot new fragrance range.

everyday lingerie co mama disrupt

“During the downtime our team have been working on sourcing and crafting unique and amazing products to help you feel good inside and out,” Founder at Everyday Lingerie Co. Danielle Sady says. “We have introduced a range of self love products including crystal water bottles, chakra bracelets, self love candles and gift packs sourced from Australian based companies, so we can #sharethelove and support other amazing and unique businesses.”

What we’re most excited about is ELC’s new fragrance range, which has literally just landed at Mama Disrupt® HQ and we’ve been spritzing ourselves silly. They’re seriously SO beautiful. All 100% Australian made, there are four rad scents in the collection and they come in 100ml, so they’re the perf size to chuck in your nappy bag, handbag and gym bag for a freshen up on the go – especially handy when your bae has spit up on you and you don’t have any spare clothes (we’ve ALL been there!)

“We have crafted these scents to offer a range of light fragrances that focus on the elements Earth, Wind, Air and Fire, to offer modern and aromatic scents you can enjoy all day long.”

everyday lingerie co mama disrupt

Here are the 4 feel-good fragrances

1 // Aria

A gorge blend of jasmine and vanilla with soft wood under tones, Aria is a softer and more subtle scent. This one is my personal fav and it seems my 18-month-old daughter loves it too, because I keep finding it in her bedroom, haha!

everyday lingerie co mama disrupt

2 // Gazania

Who doesn’t love a full floral scent? This is one your mum will LOVE, and it’s the strongest floral fragrance in the ELC range. Bringing together five floral tones to create this perfectly balanced scent, Gazania is a winner with the floral lovers – it’ll set off the fire within you.

everyday lingerie co mama disrupt

3 // Leilani

The sweet blend of soft fruits and floral tones provide a sweetened vanilla fragrance, ideal for the mama on the go. Leilani is such a beautiful all-round fragrance to take you from a cray day with the kids to date night with your baby-daddy.

everyday lingerie co mama disrupt

4 // Oceana

It’s no surprise that this one is our very own MD® mermaid Jess’s fav. Oceana is a subtle blend of rosewood with lavender, violet, and Summer fruits. One spritz and you almost forget it’s Winter! Pure bliss.

everyday lingerie co mama disrupt