INTERVIEW: We Are Handsome X Bugaboo Collab

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Now this news has got us all super excited here at Mama Disrupt HQ! BUGABOO has joined forces with uber cool Australian label WE ARE HANDSOME to create a limited-edition range of PRAM and LUGGAGE accessories that celebrate the spirit of adventure. YAAAS, mamas!

We sat down with the talented design duo behind We Are Handsome, Katinka and Jeremy, to get all the juicy deets about this crazy COOL collab…

We love We Are Handsome! What inspired you to collab with Bugaboo on this collection? 

K+J: Bugaboo approached We Are Handsome with the idea to collaborate – and we jumped at the opportunity because we have many shared values, from our love of design to our passion for travel and adventure.

Bugaboo doesn’t shy away from reinventing their market and We Are Handsome is known for being disruptive and unapologetically creative, so it was a match made in heaven. Not only have we launched an incredible project together we’ve made some great friends along the way!

How would you describe the new collection – what’s the aesthetic and the vibe?

K+J: This collection is for the confident, stylish, trendsetting explorers. Our audience is not afraid to push the boundaries and channel just the right amount of tiger parent traits in raising their kids or taking on the adventures of the world.

We Are HandsomeFrom concept… “We worked together with the Bugaboo creative team at every point of the collaboration
from mood boards, designs and product specifics.”

What inspires your designs? 

K+J: With this design, we wanted to take the idea of a Jungle Scene and the iconic We Are Handsome “Big Cat” and translate it to a print that is cool but relevant. The idea was to have the tiger mimic the child’s experience in the stroller. The stroller is a kid’s safe place, they feel comfortable, protected and it’s from there they explore the world. By the same token, the jungle is exactly this for the tiger – home.

We Are Handsome … to creation. “Our creative minds never truly rest.” – Jeremy and Katinka pictured with their stunning new pram collection in collaboration with Bugaboo.

What are the values of We Are Handsome and how do they mesh with Bugaboo and with modern motherhood?

K+J: We Are Handsome is for the brave, the daring, the bold and confident. When you’re wearing We Are Handsome, you’ve chosen a high quality product that will take you through the years. It’s not trend driven, it’s driven by the strength of choices and decisions that the wearer makes daily. She’s doesn’t follow, she leads. This is the tiger parent that wants the very best for their offspring and is personified in a Bugaboo parent.

What inspires you as designers?

K+J: Everything! From strolling the streets of foreign cities or towns to adventuring in our neighbourhood – it’s all a world of wonder. From music and pop culture to scrolling through our Instagram feeds, our creative minds never truly rest.

What do you hope customers feel when they see a pram from the collection?

K+J: Firstly we want that “wow” moment when they first see the pram, and while pushing the stroller, we want them to feel empowered, fierce and confident.

Advice on how to rock motherhood like a pro!?

K+J: Just be you! Perhaps with a little more coffee and wise worldly knowledge!

We-Are-Handsomeimage via creative director and model, @lindyklim: “Counting down till I can hit the streets with these wheels!” 

So what are you waiting for mamas?!

Share your love for the BEAUTIFUL things in life and the WONDER of travel with these edgy, VIBRANT designs that are definitely not for the faint of heart. Take a walk on the WILD side and customise your new pair of wheels by Bugaboo and We Are Handsome. To view the limited-edition range, visit Bugaboo.com

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