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6 tips to get back into a regular sleep schedule after the holidays

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By Cheryl Fingleson, The Sleep Coach

Do you feel exhausted AF after the holiday season? If you’re suffering from jet-lag like symptoms NOW is the time to reset your body to re-establish routines after an indulgent holiday season.

6 tips to get back into a regular sleep schedule (it can take three to four days to get back on track!)

1 // It’s all about light and darkness

Use nature to guide your body and mind. Natural light in the morning helps you feel more awake. If you can start your day with a short work or outdoor exercise. Use darkness to teach your body that it’s time to relax and wind down. Do not watch TV, computers, screens or phones an hour before bed. Sleep in a dark, cool, quiet room.

2 // Know when to stop the coffee, tea and alcohol

Avoid alcohol and caffeine from midday.

3 // Set your alarm clock

Set a regular wake up time. This will make sure you are tired from an early start and you will go to bed easier at night.

4 // Avoid dozing off or napping.

Do not take day time naps. This will leave you more disorientated. Stay awake until bed time.

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5 // A messy bedroom leads to a messy mind

Keep your bedroom tidy. A tidy bedroom is linked to relaxation and better sleep. Make sure that you make your bed, keep laundry in the laundry and your to do list out of the bedroom.

6 // Stay regular and be boring

Eat regular meals and regular meal times, have a quiet bath before bed and read a book instead of looking at your phone before bed.

If my clients are having more long-term problems, it’s best not to rely on medication like sleeping pills to return to regular sleep patterns, as there might be other factors in play. If after a week or two of persistent effort you still haven’t reclaimed your healthy sleep cycles, you should consult a doctor.

Take charge of their wellness and embrace good sleep habits as part of their post-holiday resolutions.

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