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4 ways to turn your living room into a playground

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

The days are LONG in iso, as we try to keep our baes entertained and out from under out feet – it feels like everyone is starting to go a little cray. So if it’s starting to feel a little too much like Groundhog Day, playing the same games day in, day out… it’s time to MIX IT UP!

We know that having our bambinos engaged in play each day is important for their development, but that doesn’t mean playtime needs to be a chore and certainly does not require loads of space. IKEA has come up with easy ways to turn your living room into a playground.

living room playground mama disrupt
1 // Make origami race tracks

Start easy by gathering the tribe around snacks and drinks, and combine it with an origami folding game. Fold frogs from origami paper and create a racetrack using coloured tape or create your own rules.

living room playground mama disrupt
2 // Create a fun maths quiz

Colourful maths problems creates light-hearted competition and encourages kids to keep their brains
active. A roll of drawing paper on the wall makes prep and clean up easy.

living room playground mama disrupt
3 // Bring out your inner action film star

Create an obstacle course from cushions, a rug and laser beams (made from tape). Now, get into
character and act out your best spy-movie avoid-the-alarm moves.

living room playground mama disrupt
4 // Toss a toy animal (and get rid of the clutter… #winning)

Set up a basket and let your kids target-toss soft toys into it. This also works when you want them to help with the tidying. Simple, but genius!

living room playground mama disrupt