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5 things you need to do when pregnant

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When you’re pregnant, your body is swirling with baby-making hormones. And the list of to-dos seems to grow faster than your foetus. It can be overwhelming to say the least.

By Mama Disrupt® in partnership with the Pregnancy, Baby & Children’s Expo

As mums, we need to look out for each other.

So we’ve narrowed the baby prep down to the essentials. THIS is the list of what matters most when you’re pregnant.

Welcome to the sisterhood, mama!

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1. Attend your nearest PBC Expo

Get #babyready the easy way by attending your local Pregnancy, Baby & Children’s Expo [Australia’s biggest baby expo].

There, you can see, try and buy the very latest products all under one roof, and grab some ahhh-mazing discounts – with some products up to 40% off in expo-only deals.

This is the place where you can knock over that massive must-haves list of yours, and find out what you REALLY need for when baby comes.

Plus, they have talks and classes from antenatal and early parenting professionals on loads of topics including breastfeeding, newborn care, First Aid, safe sleeping and baby massage. So you can feel prepared for your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.

There are Expos on all year round across Australia, visit PBC Expo to find the next one near you.

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2. Plan your baby shower with your besties

Mama, you deserve to celebrate you. So gather all of your favourite people and let them shower you with L-O-V-E.

Put your preggie self up on that pedestal and take it allll in.

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3. Rest and take care of yourself

You are growing a human. And it literally sucks the energy right out of you. Even just sitting there right now, your body is working overtime.

So give it the love it deserves. Listen to your wants and your needs.

Rest when you need to rest.

Soak in the tub.

Go for a walk.

Take a dip in the ocean and feel the weightlessness wash over you.

This time is all about you [and the growing bebe inside of you], so be gentle with yourself.

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4. Trust your mama intuition

To a lot of people, a baby bump is an open invitation to overshare and dish out advice when it most definitely isn’t wanted [the supermarket checkout is the worst… Mama just wants to buy her peanut butter and ice cream, and get home to her stretchy pants and Netflix].

So just remember to drown out the noise. Listen to your instinct. And stay true to yourself.

Hold those boundaries firm, girl.

Besides, it’s good practice for once bub comes along, because you will be hearing all sorts of unsolicited advice about feeding, sleeping, and errrything else. You do YOU!

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5. Take all of the photos

Yes, even if you feel totally swollen and the only glow you’re giving off is because you’re sweating so damn much – hormones AMIRITE?

Remember that your body is magic. YOU are a goddess [even if you don’t feel like it right now], and you will want to look back on this time.

So take the photos. Take the videos – the more candid the better.

Even ask your partner to capture a few moments… you know, the ones where you’re snoozing on the couch wearing your fav oversized tee, or you’re balancing a plate of snacks on your belly-slash-table. You won’t regret it.

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