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How to practise self-care during pregnancy

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Growing a human is tiring. So now is the time to be kind and gentle and practise a little self-care during pregnancy.

By Ruby Matley

Pregnancy is the perfect time to give yourself a little lovin’ and care and take time for you, mama. Because let’s be honest, pregnancy can wear you down… especially if you’re riding the waves of nausea and fatigue!

So now is a perfect time to be kind and gentle to yourself, and practise a little self-care during pregnancy.

It’s also the perfect excuse to do things that will help take your stress levels down a notch, and if that means lying on the sofa and reading a book or watching a movie, then do it!

Grant yourself the time to rest, especially if you are feeling tired (which really ramps up in the second and third trimesters) and be sure to nourish your blossoming bod with healthy food.


Self-care during pregnancy mama disrupt

Fav ways to practise self-care during pregnancy
1. Read

It doesn’t even have to be pregnancy or parenting related – let’s face it there is nothing better than getting lost in a book for a while and escaping from everyday worries.

2. Zen out

Listen to calming music or go for a long walk in the park or by the ocean.

3. Start a pregnancy journal

Use it as a way to get out of your own head! Jot down questions or concerns you may be having, how you are feeling or even think about baby names. Your journal could be something you look back on down the track to remember your pregnancy.

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4. Get creative

Paint, draw, colour, knit or sew. You might even like to make something for your little one’s nursery.

5. Forget the countdown

Slow down and enjoy the journey, and spend quality time with friends and family – your life is about to change!

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6. Nourish your body with healthy food

Aim to eat wholefoods, rather than reaching for something in a packet.

7. Practice deep belly breathing

Do this by breathing in for the count of 4, holding for 4 and breathing out for 4. Practicing breathing and mindfulness techniques can combat negative thoughts and overthinking. Deep breathing may also be beneficial for labour and birth, plus it is a wonderful tool for mamahood!

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