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6 gorgeous mama-approved gift ideas for little ones

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Ho, ho, ho! Yep, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas is just around the corner. Before you freak out and scratch your head trying to find gorgeous gifts for all of the little ones in your life, take a breath. We’ve done the hard work for you.

When it comes to mama-approved presents for the little people in our life, we just can’t go past ergoPouch. We. Are. Obsessed.

With everything from Swaddle bags to Onesies, the fabrics are heaven and their prints are really sweet.

Here we’ve rounded up six picks from ergoPouch that will make the most divine gifts these holidays. There’s even one present idea for mamas.

What’s more, all of their products are perfect for this busy time of year when everyone is on holidays or travelling to and from loved one’s homes for the silly season. Pack these items and your kids will be comfortable wherever you go.

1 // Foldable carry bed, $149.95

Wish you could pull up a bed anywhere? Don’t all mamas? Sorry, this handy (and incredibly comfortable) mobile bed is for bubbas only.

While you might not be able to catch some Zs in it, mama, you will love how convenient it makes travelling and lounging with a newborn. It is compact, lightweight and breathable making it perfect for putting your little one to bed when you’re out and about at a friend’s place, picnic, and more.

ErgoPouch foldable carry bed

2 // Joey comforter, $39.95

Never want to lose your little one’s precious companion (Read: Don’t want them to have trouble getting to sleep)? Step right this way, mama.

ergoPouch have created the first Joey comforter that comes with a GPS tracker that enables you to track its whereabouts from your smartphone!

Made from the brand’s signature super-soft bamboo jersey and organic cotton, the Joey is waterproof, machine washable and comes with a child-proof zip.

ergoPouch Joey GPS trackable Comforter

3 // 0.2 Tog Layers in long and short sleeve, from $24.95

Available in both long and short sleeves, we just can’t get enough of these super-cute onesies that come in a variety of to-die-for prints, like clouds, drops, waves and more.

Made from super-soft and breathable organic cotton and bamboo viscose (which is best for sensitive skin), these Layers will keep your littles on the stylish side of snug.

ergoPouch long sleeve Layers

4 // 0.2 Tog Swaddles, from $34.95

When it comes to wrapping your precious bundles up for sleepy time, you’re not alone if you only want to shop for the best. Especially natural and comfortable fabrics. That’s why we love ergoPouch swaddles so much.

Their Swaddle Bag feature a simple design that will keep a baby snug and securely swaddled without the need for complicated wrapping.

Plus, how gorgeous are the prints in their new Nature Collection pictured below?!

ergoPouch tog swaddles

5 // Sleeping Bags, from $34.95

With fabric that is soft to touch, hypoallergenic and thermal regulating to allow for greater air flow (which is great for helping to keep bubs cooler in warmer temps), these cotton jersey Sleeping Bags are lightweight and ideal for summer.

Ergo Pouch sheeting bag

6 // Matchy Matchy Robe

Want a present for yourself (or a new mama you know) that will match back with these gorgeous gift ideas for little ones?

As well as making sure your little ones are comfy, mamas need to look out for themselves, too!

That means opting for one of these super-soft ergoPouch Matchy Matchy Robes. You can thank us later. Just be warned, you may never want to take it off!

Mum holding baby in nursery weraing ergopouch matchy matchy robe

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