7 amazing mamas keeping it real

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We’re kicking the week off by taking some inspiration from some of our favourite mamas out there who know exactly how to keep it real.

Because who has time to pretend it’s any other way? Here’s to telling the whole truth.

Have a fabulous week, mamas!

1 // Jess Rowe

After coining the hashtag #craphousewife, Jess is our keeping-it-real-mama hero!

2 // Chrissy Teigen

Need we say more…?

Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now

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3 // Kristin Fisher

We love Kristin for always calling it like it is.

4 // Alex Stedman

Cheers to that, Alex! To all the mamas out there, you – and your amazing bodies – are capable of amazing things.

5 // Sophie Cachia

You gotta roll with the punches. And no-one does that better than Sophie!

6 // Clemmie Hooper

Sometimes in life, it’s the unexpected moments that turn out to be the best.

On the eve of my eldest daughters 11th birthday I’m re sharing a post I wrote back in 2015 for my blog ‘expecting the unexpected’. It’s no secret that Anya was our ‘surprise baby’ we had only just graduated from university and moved in together. Those plans were put on hold. Since sharing my life on social media I have connected with so many other women and men who have also found themselves in a similar situation to Simon and I. So many stories of sadness, guilt, fear and shame that come with having a baby at a young age. The financial struggles, the social acceptance, trying to fit back in with your friends who’s lives looked very different to yours. ‘I longed for the life I should have been having as I watched my girlfriends having what seemed to be the best time of their lives, but on the other hand I adored my baby daughter so much I never wanted to contemplate her not being here. I almost felt that because I had made this huge decision to have a baby in my early twenties, I had to do it right and I should never appear to not be coping or enjoying it. But I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved. We certainly had doubts about the choices we made along the way, but we made choices that felt right at the time and we made them work. People often say having a baby changes your life no matter what. But weirdly for us we didn’t really have that life, we only had a year and a half together before our daughter was born. Maybe that made it easier somehow.’ Link in my bio #expectingtheunexpected #parentingyoung #11years #motherhood

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7 // Rachelle Rowlings

This list just wouldn’t be complete without a dose of mama realness from the one and only, Rachelle.

Sleep has become a dirty word. I’ll stare through windows of random houses & think to myself, I bet they sleep a lot in there 💤 I examine the under eye area of everyone I meet & if I see one crease line on someone’s face I start feeling stabby. I intervened on a conversation between two young girls who were discussing tiredness, they ran away in fear after old dragon lady with unbrushed teeth told them murderosly they have no idea what tired is 🔪 So since I’m managing 33 secs shut eye at night I’ve decided to sleep train Rumer before I get narcolepsy! It was a super bold move to begin while she’s congested because I spend most of my time resettling her by sucking her snot out with a tube 🤢 She’s also almost crawling which means i have to stop letting the dog lick every inch of floor that Roman throws food on, remove all house plants & stop foot shuffling dust balls under furniture when people visit! And it made me think of a time (before 2 kids) to my idea of a tough week – When the cafe butter to vegemite ratio would determine my mood, I’d stress if I’d blended my sun-kissed-glow tinted moisturiser into my indoors from 9-5 complexion accurately & I still thought that ‘weening a baby’ had something to do with toilet training 🤷🏼♀ I want to tell my old weak as shit self that today, by 10.17am I had 10 poo-crusted fingernails from 2 different bum varieties, the dog’s anal gland had leaked on your toddlers beanbag & you tried to stuff an oversized roll into the toaster singeing half your nasal hairs & discolouring the roof! Your toddler is licking everything, eating nothing & keeps telling people about ‘mummy big poo’. On any given day he licks his sister from top to bottom leaving her looking like a glazed nashi pear & smelling like microwaved milk 🧟♀ You didn’t think about this when you were 22 & said no to any events that required a strapless bra, BYO or started post 8.30pm & you definitely didn’t think about this when you used to think exhaustion was walking 3 sets of stares after legs day! Your new tough as bricks (interior), squishy as marshmallow (exterior), exhausted, unwashed self wants to bitch slap you (then take a long nap) 💅🏼

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