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7 Eco Toys Your Kids Will Love

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

The other morning, my 18-month-old and I headed off for a walk, but not before she quickly ran to her room to grab her fav toy to bring along – yes we’ve hit that age where she insists on bringing something with her EVERYWHERE we go.

So me with my takeaway coffee and Florence with her pink wooden tea cup, we went for a chilled walk around the neighbourhood. I’m still getting used to having a little mini me. I mean obvs I’m used to having a bambino, but now she’s all about watching my every move and copying what I do, right down to bringing her own ‘coffee’ with her on our daily walk.

And that’s exactly why I’ve made a conscious effort to collect toys for her that nurture her imagination and inspire open-ended play – much like her Raduga Grez Wooden Tea Set. Play To Learn is home to a gorge collection of eco friendly, non-toxic and sustainable toys for all ages, which has been carefully curated by Lisa Clements-Galati since 2006. After spending 11 years as a qualified Early Childhood Educator, Lisa decided to open her own small business when she realised there was a serious lack of quality products for children that were natural and open-ended.

But Lisa and her baby-daddy Anthony then took it a step further when they were on their own parenthood journey – one which led them to the beautiful birth of their daughter Milla, via international surrogacy, in 2016.

“About a year before Milla was born I started to look at the food we were eating, the products I was putting on my body and the environmental toxins we were exposed to,” Lisa says. “I felt more inspired to research and find the best quality products made from sustainable materials that are safe, non-toxic that really mean ‘non-toxic’ and eco friendly. It is our responsibility to keep children healthy and safe.”

Looking for inspo? We’ve done a roundup of some of our fav toys from Play To Learn, so you can easily #addtocart. Plus they’ve hooked us up with a rad 10% discount with the code MAMAPLAY, and don’t forget it’s free shipping for orders over $200!

1 // Sow n Sow Flower Press Wattle Small
2 // Raduga Grez Vegetable Set
3 // Big Future Earth Tiles
4 // Ostheimer toys
5 // Wodibow Woonkis Original
6 // Grapat Nin’s Set of 12
7 // Make Me Iconic Tea Set


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