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5 Home Office Tips to Nail The Work/Life Balance

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By Christie Turvey and Neue Blvd

Whether you are new to business or a successful #bossmama, having a poor work/life balance can have negative consequences decades later. As a business owner, I find the key to perfecting the balance lies in the design of your office. I recommend to design your home office with work/life balance in mind, where you can shut the doors when you are done and not feel as if you’re always in the office.

Here are my top tips for creating an office that will encourage you to strive for your ideal work/life balance.

1 // Keep the colour pallet neutral

It’s best to work in an environment that is clean and serene, the mind works so much better with less distraction.

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2 // Divide to conquer

Setting up in a separate room is the key to a functional office space. If this isn’t an option, a screen or large shelf matching your home décor can help section this area off.

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3 // Never sacrifice space or location

You spend long hours, most of your days (and sometimes nights) in this space, so there is nothing worse than being cramped into a small area with no room to move or flow.

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4 // Invest in smart storage solutions

Storage is the key to a clean and organised office. If you don’t have access to filing draws, colour co-ordinate large folders and label clearly.

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5 // Get your desk in the best spot

Position your desk in the centre of the room so, when seated, you are open to all areas and can see what is happening.

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