7 happy-inducing street style mama looks

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As we kick off a new week, we’re looking for a little inspiration to start things off on a creative (and happy note!). To inject a bit of colour into your Monday here we’re calling out seven stylish mamas who have nailed street style in their own individual way. No “mum dressing” here. What the hell does that mean anyway? Wear whatever you damn please, mama!

1 // Rachelle Rowlings

You can always count on Rachelle to look immaculate in a colourful combo.

When I’m admitted to the funny farm & the women with the white clogs & clip board asks what it was that finally tipped me over the edge, i’d respond with – My toddler poked me in the eye with a tomato sauce finger 🤡I spend most nights surveying the damage that’s been done to my body throughout the day! I’ve become Horatio from CSI 🔬: Toddler back molar incisions to the left abdomen (caused by nappy application). Six month old raptor nail wounds to basically all of the breast tissue (cluster feeding). Extreme curvature of the spine from carrying 14kg toddler, 6kg infant, 3kg washing basket, a red fire truck, a half chewed banana & 3 tonnes of emotional baggage! Nothing prepares you for the sheer brutality of a toddlers iron clad skull to your cheek bone or the ferociousness of a 6 month old to your frontal scalp hairs! And it got me thinking to all of the untold truths of parenthood – Would it have killed Karen to let us know that we will eventually learn to numb the pain of a Tonka Sanitation Department truck the shin bone?! Or that nipples can stretch 36cm, a tantrumming toddler can javelin throw his own log 4 meters & regurgitated milk comes out like smelly fluffy clouds ☁ And while you were at it Karen you probably could have mentioned that although contrary to popular belief – you can survive off 3 hours sleep, a vocabulary consisting of ‘No. Don’t. Stop. Gentle’ & food groups that don’t require utensils! Because I’m sure as hell that no one told me that the panadol syringe always tricks you by filling with air (not panadol), no one has made a nappy that successfully traps the up the back, out the side, all over the f***ing walls catastrophic teething turds & that for at least 8 months of the year one of them will be coughing, oozing, wheezing, sneezing or rashy 🔫So when I finally write my parenting handbook, I’ll be sure to include the above as well as a step to step guide on how to negotiate a deflated balloon of a toddler, remove cubes of cheese from nostrils & eat your dinner without having to chew 🙌🏼Outfit @newguard via @stylerunner 🙏🏼

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2 // Phoebe Burgess

Another mama that always pulls out the colourful stops.

3 // Lindy Klim

The accessory of the moment? Babies! (Aw!!!!!)

4 // Roxy Jacenko

Yep, athleisure wear is where it’s at. And Roxy always has this look nailed.

@stylerunner Sunday’s @flightmodeau

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5 // Candice Lake

Someone is in London where they’re currently experiencing a heatwave. Don’t be jealous! (OK, guilty, we’re totally jealous!!!!).

Sunday with the smalls #ardenandolympia

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6 // Anine Bing

It’s Anine Bing. She needs no street style intro. Rockin’!

Weekend vibes

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7 // Clemmie Hooper

We just can’t get enough of Clemmie and her hubby Father of Daughters at the moment.

What are you scared of? – I use to have a fear of the dentist after many years of having horrendous orthodontic treatment but I’m slowly learning to cope with that. I also have reoccurring nightmares that I’ve left one of my children somewhere and haven’t realised until I’ve got home, like Kevin’s mum in Home Alone. And I also get the fear before posting on here at times, is that too punchy? Am I going offend anyone? Is what I have to say relevant or important enough to share? I’ve got some topics I want to explore soon surrounding birth and the impact that has on women but I worry that it’s a can of worms too big for me to handle. But my followers, you guys are really engaging and seem to want to discuss things that are close to your hearts and I feel passionately about these things too. Is there anything you’d like me to open up about, things that you don’t think are being said anywhere else about pregnancy, birth or the motherhood? I’m all ears#fearless #honestadvice #midwifery #pregnancy #birth #postpartum

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