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9 papas being so adorable your ovaries will hurt

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We couldn’t be HAPPIER about the number of papas popping up on Instagram. Especially the ones that pretty much DEVOTE their entire Insta accounts to doting on their little ones and wives. Or those who simply use their page to share their journey as a baby daddy.

Why is it, mama, that you pop a bubba in a papa’s arms or catch him in a candid moment and instantly you’re overcome with pangs of, “Aw, we should have another?”? Of course, for those among us who have all the kids they desire, this is usually on a fleeting thought. But it’s a STRONG one!

If you’re game, scroll down to see the nine papas who will make you laugh, cry and your ovaries hurt in equal measure. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1 // David Beckham

2 // Sam Wood

When carbs run in the family you can’t fight it

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3 // Hamish Blake

4 // Chris Hemsworth

5 // Prince William

6 // Sam Burgess

7 // Mark Ruffalo

Fam. #tbt

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8 // Tom Fletcher

9 // Simon Hooper

If there’s one thing that matters to me above all else, it’s family. They are there to help celebrate in the good times, provide a shoulder to cry on in the bad and have always made me feel supported. Essentially, these people make me who I am. My parents gave me the best childhood which I got to share with my bro & sister & now I find myself trying to emulate them with my own girls by not taking life too seriously & always putting fun before anything else. If I manage to do a half as good job dragging up my own brood, then I’ll consider myself a success. Happy birthday mum & hope you enjoy Hoopfest 2018 (i.e. the camping party in the garden) . #familyfirst #myfamily #parentingbenchmark #thesepeoplemakeme #Fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

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