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Celebrating the sisterhood with 3 of our fav body positive Insta accounts

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It’s no secret that our bodies change when we have babies – we created life! And we’re not the only ones who believe our goddess bodies should be celebrated. Here are 3 of our fav body positive accounts to follow on Insta.

By Mama Disrupt®

Your body has done something truly miraculous – it’s grown, nurtured, and brought forth life. Postpartum is a phase filled with challenges, but it’s also an opportunity to discover strength in vulnerability. Every stretch mark is a testament to your resilience, every curve tells a story of growth and adaptation.

Amidst societal pressures, it’s pivotal to surround yourself with a tribe that lifts and supports your journey of self-love. These like-minded souls see beauty in every change, value in every scar. They’re the ones who will remind you of your body’s magic when you forget, and will celebrate your uniqueness every day. In their company, self-doubt diminishes, and empowerment thrives.

Own your postpartum body, mama. Admire its prowess, its beauty, its transformation. And let your tribe be the echo of love and acceptance you so deserve.


body positive, mama disrupt

1. Sarah Nicole Landry @thebirdspapaya

“I choose to show up for myself and for those I love with my body in its current state. It’s a bit of a ‘screw you’ to bounceback culture—I’m all about bouncing forward. That means not chasing who I once was, but instead chasing who I’m becoming. And she knows that health isn’t about how much you can lift, but how much you can hold.”

body positive, mama disrupt

2. Danae Mercer Ricci @danaemercer

“What would you do, if you knew just how wonderful all the parts of you are? Would you wear that swimsuit? Would you go relax on the beach? Would you let your thighs feel the sun?

What would you do, if you hadn’t learned along the way that hips should look like this and skin must look like that and a woman must always, always, be some unachievable standard? What would you do?

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot over the last year. And then again, over the course of these last few months. I think my answer is this: I would pose. I would relax. I would move and flex and wiggle and dimple and stumble along the way. I would be myself.

Posted or deleted, insta or reality, you are wonderful. You are special. And you don’t just deserve to feel the sun; you deserve to know that you have the capacity to bring it, to make it, to create light and love wherever you go. Because darling soul, you’re powerful. So whatever you do, just make sure it’s you.”

body positive, mama disrupt

3. Rosanne Oates @roseoates_

“My Body, Shaped by life. A changed body is not a bad body. Yet at times, I blamed the changes for the way I felt towards this body. Comparing myself. Comparing it to a past version of my bod which I didn’t even appreciate then. I think of all the things that changed with my body within the time that has passed, the moments, the growth of life, the healing, the things it carried me through.

All the things l’ve done since that time, the life experiences that shaped me both physically and mentally while living thus far. To grow we need to change, to be blessed with the gift of ageing our bodies need to change, to carry our children they need to change, to get stronger they change, a wound changes to a scar to heal, so to heal and nourish us, bodies change.

So, I stand here a changed body, realising and learning that doesn’t mean it’s a bad body. That change isn’t a bad thing because life is all about change so how could we possibly expect our bodies not to change along with it?

Shaped by our experiences. And I wouldn’t take anything from my journey now, just to change it back cause I’m only moving forward. Just because our bodies are changed, doesn’t mean they are no longer good bodies – just different. Still amazing. And worthy always.”

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