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Fun ways to reflect on 2023 and set intentions for 2024 … as a family

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It’s the time where we reminisce about the year gone by and dream up plans for the next one. But what about doing that as a family? Here’s how to reflect on 2023 and set intentions for 2024 with the whole gang.

By Charlotte Cruz

As we usher in the sparkling new year, it’s the perfect moment for families to gather round, cozy and close, reflecting on the year that has whizzed by.

For so many of us, 2023 was a rollercoaster, filled with those heart-in-mouth moments, belly laughs, and maybe a few tears too. So now, as we peek into 2024, it’s time to huddle up and set our intentions, dreaming big and aiming high.

Picture this: a family meeting, but make it fun! Grab those fluffy cushions, light some candles, and let’s get everyone in on this. It’s not just about setting resolutions; it’s about creating a vision, a shared dream that gets everyone excited.


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Start by looking back at 2023

Whip out that photo album or scroll through your phone gallery. Reminisce about the beach days, the muddy walks, the birthday bashes, and yes, even the days when things didn’t go as planned. What made you all giggle? What were the challenges? This reflection isn’t just about the happy snaps; it’s about learning, growing, and acknowledging the journey you’ve shared.

reflect on 2023 set intentions for 2024, mama disrupt

Now, let’s talk 2024

This is where the magic happens. Encourage each family member, no matter how tiny, to voice their dreams and hopes. Maybe it’s learning to ride a bike, mastering a new recipe, or finally taking that family camping trip. Write these down on a big sheet of paper, or better yet, create a family vision board. Cut out pictures from magazines, draw, use stickers – make it a riot of colour and joy.

reflect on 2023 set intentions for 2024, mama disrupt

But wait, there’s more

How about setting some family intentions? These could be simple acts like ‘more game nights’, ‘Sunday morning walks’, or ‘learning something new together’. Remember, it’s not about the grand gestures; it’s the little moments that weave the tapestry of family life.

And let’s not forget about the values we want to carry into the new year. Kindness, patience, bravery – whatever resonates with your family. Chat about ways you can embody these values, maybe through volunteering, being there for friends, or even just taking time to listen to each other.

reflect on 2023 set intentions for 2024, mama disrupt

Finally, seal these intentions

You could plant a tree, write a letter to your future selves, or create a family mantra. This act is a symbol, a commitment to each other and the year ahead.

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