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10 tips to bring more Zen vibes into your life

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Fitting Zen into your life can be hard. But here are 10 simple tips to make your busy world a little more Zen. And relax…

By Alisha Kinna

Zen is about spiritual awakening. Zen is yin and yang, nothing yet everything, beginning and end. In fact, Zen means a lot of things, but the one key thing it encompasses is experiencing the present and finding peace in the basic miracle of life.

However, when you’re got a toddler pulling at your skirt and a six-year-old who’s hungry, fitting Zen into your life can be hard. But, hang tight mama, here are 10 simple tips to make your world a little more ommmmm.


zen, mama disrupt
1. Meditation time

Running a family takes up so much time, introduce a mindfulness practice as you do your chores. If you apply all of your thoughts into such tasks without distraction (with kids this can be hard, so try to distract them with something for this time), you can make this a form of meditation.

2. Prioritise your tasks

Don’t live with a jam-packed to-do list hanging over your head every day. This will cloud your mind and tire you out mentally. Prioritise your tasks and set realistic expectations.

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3. Do things completely

Try to do all things with full concentration and mindfulness. Eating is a great example. Sitting down and eating with purpose will stop you from grazing during the day and give you a mental rest. Put your phone down!

4. Do one thing at a time

Completing one thing at a time will help you with all on the above tips. Always complete a task before moving to the next.

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5. Create rituals

Develop your daily routine with rituals. Set a different ritual for different times of the day. A moment to just breathe can really help.

6. Give yourself time

Devote a time of day to yourself. This is the most important tip to a more Zen life. Devote at least five minutes per day to sit in silence and clear your mind. This is also the most difficult tip to achieve as it takes practice to train your brain to switch off.

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7. Be kind

Smile and be kind to others because you want to not because you have to. This helps to improve the lives of others around you and creates good energy.

8. Become a minimalist

Live your life simply with the things that are only necessary. If they don’t improve your health or happiness, you don’t need them. Keep things simple and uncluttered with all things in your life. Watch the Minimalism documentary on Netflix to kick-start your momentum.

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9. Hone your space

Making your home more Zen is quite simple. When choosing colours for your room stick to earthy colours. Make sure you have plenty of natural light; if you have limited natural light try using lighting that is yellow, not white or blue. Remove screens from your sleeping spaces and relaxation areas. Add scents to your home that are fresh and calming. Lastly add some plants.

10. Nourish yourself

Minimise packaged foods from your diet and increase these seven foods: fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein, lean calcium, beans, nuts and good fats. Limit alcohol and caffeine.

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