How to Choose the Best Cot #babystyle

It is so much fun to select nursery furniture these days. The choice is amazing and inspiration online is endless. However, it is not all about the look, but practicality, longevity, quality and origin also play a part.

So what do you need to consider in choosing the best cot? Our gorgeous friends at Danish by Design have set out their 5 simple tips.



Think long term. Most of us are lucky enough to have several babies, so it is likely you cot will be in the house for up to 10 years. So, it’s worth getting one you really love the look of and that will stand the test of time.



Budget will obviously play a major role in selecting your nursery furniture, so buy your cot first, and don’t settle for second best simply because you’ve spent too much on other items you might not even need.



Features to consider include design and craftsmanship. You have to love how your cot looks, but you also need to make sure that it is well made. If it is not, it will quickly look worn and you may not feel like passing it on to baby #2. It is also worthwhile checking on the origin of the cot and what it is made from. Sustainable timber is a must.



A majorly handy feature in a cot is the ability to transform into a junior bed. It is much nicer to transition a toddler into a cot to a junior bed, before moving to a single bed. This is because it is low to the ground and suits little legs, plus as it takes up less floor space your child will have more room for play and can easily be incorporated into play.



The last thing is probably the most important: your chosen cot MUST meet Australian standards, and make sure you get a good mattress.

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